As we all know, last week the team at Apple announced and revealed their all-new and completely redesigned iOS 7. A lot of people love it, some don’t, and obviously this is just the early beta stages of their new mobile OS. However, this morning a popular and well received iOS hacker and jailbreak master didn’t have very kind words to say about the new OS. In fact, he’s considering switching to Android.

For those that aren’t big into the iOS world, the popular hacker and iOS jailbreak master Pod2g is the one making the comments this afternoon. Ones which will be pretty shocking to some, while making plenty of Android users happy. Pod2G has been around for ages, has nearly a half a million followers on Twitter, and is huge in the world of iOS.

According to a slew of tweets sent out this morning it sounds like he isn’t enjoying his cozy and colorful stay on the new iOS 7 from Apple. From mentioning this is the worst move from Apple in the history of iOS and more. Obviously this is just one persons opinion, but a person that has loved iOS since the beginning. Here’s one quote that really stuck out for us:

After a few days of iOS 7 beta 1 testing, I must admit that I am about to switch to an Android device.”

Now don’t get too angry in the comments you iOS fans. We know, we know. Android has its fair share of issues at times, especially with beta versions, and this is exactly what we’re seeing here. iOS 7 is in an early beta stage, so obviously it will improve and such as time goes on. Pretty big and bold words from a famed iOS believer though.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 10.46.55 AM

In the end Pod2G goes on to mention poor battery life, constant crashes, and goes as far as to say there’s nothing revolutionary with iOS 7 and it’s just “kid painting”. That was probably my favorite part of all his comments. He’ll probably stick around, and likely jailbreak iOS 7 soon enough, but we’d welcome him to the world of Android with arms wide open.

VIA: CultofAndroid

  • Zippy

    no we wouldn’t he can stay in the apple world.

  • Geoff Johnson

    The Android community welcomes you 🙂

  • Terry Lee

    Yes, it is in a beta stage, but don’t you think he has seen a beta stage before? He has most certainly experienced each iOS iteration in the beta stage, and this one in the beta stage is different. With his experience he probably know the direction. I also wonder if his Android statement is one of frustration and not reality. You know hyperbole. I am sure starting in Android development would require just about starting over in the development business.

    • You make an excellent point. This isn’t the first beta he’s used. So people can’t just write his frustration off immediately because it’s “in beta”

  • Christopher Robert

    Is anyone surprised iOS 7 is crap? I mean i didn’t realize this would be news… seems like more of the same to me.

    • dugzino

      Let’s just say to iPhone owners “Welcome to Ice Cream Sandwich” 😛

  • Greg G

    iOS betas are buggy, and have terrible battery life. That’s just a fact of life. All iOS betas do this before release, especially the first beta.
    Long story short: he basically just made a huge fool of himself.

    • Jivester

      Don’t you think Pod2G would already know that…it must be more than typical. Probably like honeycomb was to Android. Big leap forward means lots of bugs to work out….

      • dugzino

        Yeah, WHEN it is a big leap forward. But adding power widgets and changing icons and simply change some designs.. I’d say, a little update.
        With Android you can do these “updates” on your own. Don’t like stock sms app? Go download another.. Tired of those stock icons? Go download an icon pack.. Easy stuffs..

  • Tommy Truth

    I’ve never read so much crap in my life. Grow up guys-it’s like reading shit from a load of school children. Is this site for under fives or what ?? You like Android ? Well stick with it. You don’t like ios then don’t buy it. You like Windows then blah blah blah. What a bunch of infantile sado’s — ” my software is better than your’s” lol lol grow up !!! There is a life out there — go and find it for gods sake. Ios suffers from the Ferarri syndrome– you see a guy drive past in one and call him a w—-r-but if he offered you one you would take it !! Some people just don’t want to accept that somethings are better than they want to believe in life. So smooth-so stable-so secure. Just the most advanced operating system in the world. One day you will think back to what a right d–k you were with your comments. GROW UP child.

    • invisoman

      ^^^ Reading your crap is 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back… There’s a life out there, W—-r.. go find it.

    • Just sharing some details.. no need to get all angry and call names.

    • Sus

      Why is an obvious die-hard iOS fan reading Android Community articles anyway? There is a life out there for you too, instead of ranting here like an under-five, just because an article shared something that you didn’t like to read.

    • LiterofCola

      U mad bro?

    • dugzino

      He’s saying to stop making differences and in the end says iOS is better.. Sure I’d love to get an iPhone5 so I could resell it and get a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 out of it. Resell expensive shit to get 2 awesome piece of hardware with best phone OS.
      So yeah, I’d be happy to receive an iPhone 5. XD

    • hohopig

      what a loser. And what is your point exactly, if there is even a point.

  • eatme4

    fuck Pod2g

  • Abc 12321

    Those who haven’t tried iOS recently give it a go! I had a droid razr plagued with software issues and those have all been fixed by my upgrade to the iPhone 5! I know there are many many reasons why android is better (I used to argue that way [and who knows I may go back to android for my next upgrade]) but I really enjoy iOS especially playing all my games at a constant 60 fps 🙂 …btw I’m still on the android side because I’m not an Isheep and love learning about android as it obviously moves faster than iOS

    • hohopig

      😛 iPhone 5 fixed your software issues? Now that is something new.

    • Agni

      No duh
      The Droid Razr is a 3 year old Dual Core phone without Jelly Bean.
      Of course it’s going to lag compared to a iPhone 5.
      A better comparison would be a HTC One and iPhone 5

  • skati skate

    “Terrible battery life” Apple could fix it easily but they wan’t people to buy the newer iPhone 😉 My iPod touch 4 had perfect battery life with iOS 4.x, now with 6.x I get about ~1H!!! I like iOS but it’s kinda boring now after 4 years of using it… (since the 2nd gen) so I’m switching to android, just ordered a OUYA and I’ll also buy a GS4 or HTC One later this month!! So excited!

  • Dan

    Even this tweet was long ago, and I’m curious what he thinks of the new GM release.

    pod2g @pod2g 9 Jul
    Installed iOS 7 beta 3 today.
    Everything seems to be smoother and more stable. I need more testing,
    but I guess my phone is usable again.