This may well be one of the strangest DIY things I have ever laid eyes on. A dude going by the name Goteking has taken am Android smartphone, crammed it inside a gutted game boy, and them put a fake iPhone 4 in the mix.

What we end up with is a hybrid bastard that will leave many wondering WTF. The screen and the Android phone can be seen through the open window of the Game Boy. That white iPhone 4 back has some sort of LED display that shines lights thought the plastic to provide messages.

I will leave it up to you to decide if this is an epic fail or not. You have to admire the audacity to create something so odd. Check out the video below to see the thing in action.

Goteking via Tiny Cartridge

  • Steven

    So, he basically had 2 working devices and a dummy phone and thought to himself, “man, if only I could figure out a way to combine all of this and end up with something that won’t fit in a pocket and also retains the fuctionality of the dummy phone.” I guess I can respect him for being proud of his creation, even after sobering up.

  • justin

    It probably has some hidden, awesome function that only he knows about and in a couple of days we’ll all hear about it and say, “ohhhh!”