A survey was posted recently that was conducted by Hunch and apparently had about 80 million responses. The survey looked at some of the differences between users that are on Android and those on iOS. The survey raised some interesting and odd facts about the users.

Android users are more likely to be male, but that was revealed before. The survey found that Android users are 71% more likely to have never traveled out of their home country. The users of iOS by contrast are 50% more likely to have visited five foreign countries or more. Android users are 17% more likely to live in the suburbs. The survey also found that 80% of Android users are likely to have only a high school diploma while iPhone users are 37% more likely to have graduate degrees.

A survey of incomes found that Android users are more likely to have incomes in the $50k to $100k range with iOS users 67% more likely to have an annual income of $200,000 or more. I wonder if some of the difference between users of iOS and iPhones work out to age differences. Younger Android users would be more likely to have less income and to not have traveled.

[via SlashGear]

  • IOS is expensive. You have to pay a premium to use an IOS device and most lower income people can’t afford that premium so they go with Android. Just makes more sense to use a fully functional, cutting edge device that’s cheaper to use and maintain then to run fancy expensive locked down IOS 

    • Jonathan Drake

      Isn’t it obvious that the iOS users are buying their phones partly to show it off. That’s why iOS owns the 200k a year segment on top of the fact that they are expensive. It’s the same reason people love to drive BMWs in America despite the fact that in Europe they aren’t perceived as the best. Also if there’s one thing we know about corporate executives, they buy things to look cool not to actually improve anything.

  • So if Im an android user you’re telling me I’m dumb even though I have a college degree. Seems like I fit into the IOS category. Maybe if you measure the will-power of these people you’ll notice that Android people value freedom and choice vs ios users. 

  • oGsSTC

    I call BS.