Humble Bundle beta app arrives on Android

September 18, 2013

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Gamers in the community will probably be familiar with the phenomenon and the distribution model known as the Humble Bundle. The company behind the Humble Bundle has just made public the beta version of its Android app that will let users manage their Android games directly from their devices.

The Humble Bundle started as the Humble Indie Bundle as a way to sell indie PC games online, relying on word of mouth to market the games, with prices determined by the buyer. Each collection or bundle usually contains bonus items, such as extra games, content, or even source code, sometimes for free or sometimes for a minimum purchase. The system proved to be so popular that it evolved to include even AAA titles and games for Android as well.

This new Humble Bundle app for Android will make it easier to manage Android games purchased through Humble Bundle. Previously, users would have to download the games' APKs themselves. Now they can easily install purchased games through the app directly to their Android device and be notified when updates are available. The app also includes an option to notify the users whenever new bundles are launched.

The Humble Bundle app is available now on Google Play Store which you can find via the link below. The app is quite simple and rather plain-looking, but is still in beta, so changes, improvements, as well as bugs, are to be expected.

Dowload: Humble Bundle on Google Play Store

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  • Toxicgarden

    “Previously, users would have to download the games’ APKs themselves”. Actually no. The Humble Bundle App was already available for some time as apk download. It’s only news that it’s available via Playstore now.

    • Hal Motley

      I hate tech sites that know less about a news topic than I do. The app has been around as a sideload-able APK for about a couple of years now. It’s great to see it on GPlay because it’s one less app to sideload for me.