HTC Vigor to have Beats audio and LTE onboard

September 23, 2011

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Shortly following the recent leaks of various software aspects of the HTC Vigor, those who did some digging in the files leaked have found some interesting pieces of information that bring some device information to light. Though the leak seemed to be of relatively insignificant wallpapers and screenshots, new information was gleaned from the files, and the lack of some elements bring questions to the table.

As already anticipated, the wallpaper images released are sized at a resolution of 1440x1280 which definitely exceeds the minimum 1280x720 resolution necessary for a 720p HD display. So long as the device avoids an IPS display, we expect the resolution to look beautiful on the 4.2” screen. Another piece of information gleaned from the leaks reveal that the device will feature onboard Beats Audio, as initially rumored.

What wasn’t seen on the device however was the typical DROID eye seen in the boot animation files. The DROID eye is used by Verizon as a designation of the device to their DROID line. Perhaps the HTC Vigor might remain named the HTC Vigor? Or maybe Verizon simply hadn’t added the images to the animation prior to the media leak.

Let the leaks keep coming.

[via SlashGear]

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  • Anonymous

    What? Why would avoiding an IPS screen makes it look good. IPS just like on the iphone 4 retina display is good, has crisp and vinrant colors and has great viewing angles.

  • Ditrans25
  • It’s a 4.2″ and not 4.3″ screen now or a typo?