The folks from HTC apparently have decided to turn up the teasers and advertisements with the launch of their new flagship HTC One smartphone dubbed the M7. We’ve been seeing various leaks, videos, and pictures on their Facebook page all week. Today they posted their last teaser video, and now their Facebook page has been updated yet again.

Their motto is “Quietly Brilliant” and that is exactly what they seem to be going for with this picture. It’s just enough to get us interested, yet doesn’t reveal anything. Quietly brilliant right? Not so much. The image doesn’t give us anything to really wonder about, aside from maybe the aluminum design and laser etched HTC logo. We can also see a dial or what could even be a dedicated camera button.

HTC’s new One smartphone has been rumored to have a next-gen “ultapixel” camera with multiple 4.3 megapixel cameras stacked together to offer the best image quality on any smartphone. Could that dial in the image be a dedicated camera button? We haven’t seen one in any of the rendered leaks — so that’s purely speculation.

For those not keeping track at home, the date etched is February 19th where HTC will be announcing and showing this new smartphone to the world. This 4.7-inch 1080p quad-core powered smartphone should be available on multiple carriers in the US, and we’ve seen reports of it replacing the DROID DNA on Verizon too. We’ll just let their brilliance quiet down, and we will report back when we see more. Stay tuned as we’ll be live for the launch event.

[via Facebook]

  • Noel

    What i will really like to see HTC’s new motto be is “QUIETLY BRILLIANT, WHILE LEAVING NO SPEC OR CARRIER BEHIND”. If they stick to that motto and make sure they throw all the major specs into their FLAGSHIP DEVICES and also make sure Samsung doesn’t one up them in terms of MAJOR VITAL SPECS the masses crave and do an aggressive sales pitch like Sammy then i see them rising back to the top on par with Samsung. I WILL HOPE THEY WILL FINALLY LISTEN TO ALL THAT THEIR AVID FANS HAVE BEEN SAYING b4 the downward slide. They must go TOE to TOE with Samsung spec wise and strive to make devices with BIGGER REMOVABLE BATTERIES (3000+mAH), internal Capacity options 32/64GB with SD card expansion a must as well. I say to HTC they must not give the masses any excuse for skipping their well built flagship devices in favor of a Sammy device. I am sorry to say in 2012 HTC made some of their fans pick up a SGS3 instead of the One X by leaving key specs out and nonsensical exclusive deals that limited the One X sale to the masses. Bring the flagship device to the carrier where the fan resides and they will pick one up.