HTC may unveil the M7 smartphone during CES

January 2, 2013

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We saw some rumored details and leaks for the HTC M7 during the month of December. And well, it looks like the new month has brought some new details. Of course, we should point out -- still rumored details. That clarification being made, this latest bit deals with a possible announcement.

The previous rumors were suggesting that HTC was going to wait until Mobile World Congress to unveil the M7, however that announcement may actually be taking place in a few days time. Yup, during CES. Anyway, the details are coming by way of xda user Football, who posted the details under the Football4PDA Twitter handle. Aside from the possibility of HTC announcing the M7 during CES, it was also noted that the handset may have touchscreen buttons as opposed to hardware buttons.

Otherwise, touching on the legitimacy of the rumors. In the past we have seen solid details come from this user, however it is important to note where these are coming from -- "some indirect information." That being said, CES is just a few days away so it looks like this is one rumor that will be proven true or false rather quickly.

Finally, previous details suggest the HTC M7 will bring feature to include a 4.7-inch 1080p HD display with a pixel resolution of 468, quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 2300 mAh battery, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, 13 megapixel rear-facing camera and Jelly Bean.

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  • Captain_Doug

    Whatever. My upgrade isn’t til 2014 anyway. Unless I decide to pay the ETF… tempting.

  • Cory Gunther

    Screen under 5 inches with 1080p and on-screen keys.. yes please.

    HTC please use a bigger battery. Kthxbye

  • surethom

    This sounds way better than a 5″ screen phones, bigger is not always better, I cant wait to see the camera photos,