An HTC Desire update has just been made available OTA. The update, version 2.29.405.2 is only going out to users of the unlocked devices and it’s currently unknown when it will be coming to the carrier versions of the devices or what regions in which update is available.

The update comes in at 28.87MB and you will need at least 25MB of internal storage free to download and install. We currently are also unaware of what exactly is updated, hopefully it’s a preparation for Gingerbread? We sure hope so.

[Via Androinica]

  • Paul

    Just installed update, not sure what is in the update but the phone seems faster & alot smother so far.

  • MDK

    This is just an Android Market Update =/

  • chirag

    Is it available in India???

  • Milos

    Also avilable in Serbia

  • Kristinn

    Also available in Iceland

  • Boutteau

    Here in France on Virgin unlocked phone. May be faster?

  • nghtwlkr

    Also availabel in Norway

  • Massimo

    Also available in the Republic of San Marino

  • Martijn

    Olso in the netherlands(holland)

  • Matthew S.

    Singapore update available also – my phone only updated to 2.13.707.2 – Update did not include the most current versions of Flash Player, CN Thia Keyboard (Ships as stock in Singapore – Don’t Use & I ignore the updates), plus Google Maps – these embedded apps updates are the largest consumers of the small amount of memory we get for Apps storage on the Desire – without App2SD the phone would be next to unusable.

    With the delays in updates and poor memory management for the apps, I think a stock Nexus S is on the cards for me…..

  • Harry Solsem

    Norway too

  • In Philippines as well…

  • Antonio

    Also available in Spain πŸ™‚

  • ~FLOW~

    in Roumania too

  • Yarik

    Belarus too

  • Ireland too!

  • RodIron

    Uk also! but careful with this update, first make sure you have enough space! Also, mine lost wifi!!

  • ddd

    in Russia too…

  • chako

    In Lebanon too…

  • Andy

    Slovakia also

  • ahoe

    In DK too. Experienced app ‘something…vendor’ crashing a lot when I later updated a lot af other apps.

  • Farhan Sabbir Siddique

    Bangladesh too.
    No significant changes. Market place UI looks same and functionality is same too.
    Phone does feel smoother, but hey, the memory management is still an issue. Looks like kernel dirty pages is still not able to clean up.

  • Also in Romania.

  • Vitor Ferreira

    Update the Android Market

  • Eric CHEN

    also in China

  • Unkle

    Denmark – Cant find the update when using the phones “check for updates”-function inside settings. Not yet anyway. It seems another user above found it. Perhaps the limit on IMEI-numbers and do the update in ranges ?

  • Oederl

    Slovenia… Available, installed yesterday. Not sure what did it take care of….

  • B

    Holland as well.. unbranded at least.

  • TheSeeK

    Also available in Portugal.
    Don’t know what the update is about but it certainly made my phone faster and a lot smother.

  • K Khan

    In pakistan too

  • Remember guys, firstly, Google updates the Market software, not HTC, and they do it automatically (that is, without telling you), and secondly, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are; once HTC have released the OTA update, we all get it at the same time, assuming we have unlocked phones.

  • Sarkar

    available in Iraq-Kurdistan Region

  • dexxxsss05

    location: Philippines

    wasn’t able to get an update. this is my software info

    Android version

    Baseband version

    Kernel version

    Build number
    2.25.771.1 CL254759 release-keys

    Software number

    Browser version

    is it different than whats after the update?
    i use hyc desire btw

  • 007bahsir

    Also in Switzerland

  • Unkle

    Forget my last comment, my mistake, it is most certainly on in DK
    And I think Michael is right, we all receive the option simultaneously.

  • dre360

    also in Trinidad to.

  • Petar

    Croatia too …

  • bk

    also in Malaysia! .. but still dunno what did it update. Software number updated to 2.13.707.2

  • Bosco

    In dubai too. No real idea what it does.

  • d3v14n7

    I allowed this one via automatic system software update and the result was that it totally disabled my Wi-Fi!!!
    After some searching, it appears that I’m supposed to keep my goldcard as the sd card installed in my phone if I want to allow these updates without them wrecking something or other by only partly installing.
    I wish someone had told me before.
    Now I’ll have to start all over again with my phone from scratch, as there’s apparently no other guaranteed way around this error.

  • Tegerson

    I found a fix, streaming now works when screen is off (with wifi).

  • Merani

    Also available in Hungary. I hope Gingerbread is coming soon too.

  • ahmed

    i updated htc desire and it seems that speed increased. just found that when i read emails if press home key it will shows recent applications that i have opened. i don’t know if this function is new or not.

  • Neph04

    In Czech republic too…

  • boninoy123

    Update was successful but don’t know the update is all about…

  • Alex

    Hey guys I found this review of it

  • tomas

    just finish the upgrade.. let see πŸ˜› regards from Portugal!

  • Greece updated too!

  • Phil

    In UK and wifi now broken too…

  • Noel

    Just received update in California (1 mile from the Googleplex and no wiser what the update is!)

  • Also in India

  • Gr8-White

    Also in South Africa, slight speed increase. no issues with Wifi as posted by other people.

  • Tom

    Also in Austria

  • Filipe Fumaux

    Also in Brazil. Unlocked Desire bought in USA

  • Filipe Fumaux

    With this update I’ve got problems with wi-fi signal and 3G. My router its besides me and my signal its 3/4.

  • binay

    In nepal too

  • update

    and now in estonia

  • DReamerTR

    Turkey also….

  • Snuff

    After new update, v2.29.405.2 ., HTC Desire restart every time I try to download/install from Android Market πŸ™

  • Ceco

    in Bulgaria too πŸ™‚

  • Neil

    Update in NL. After one day of use, battery life seems a lot better.

  • Ludo

    Avalaible in France too

  • Romit

    Got the 2.29 update in india.

    the stock facebook app homepage is different and now has a layer of pics.

    I hope that’s not the reason for this update! if it’s for fb, gotta say, that’s GAY!

  • JS

    I downloaded the update ready to install after I’d freed up enough space. After I was done clearing space I clicked the download from the notification area to install it, but clicked back button. I now can’t find the update, and from sys info it says no updates are available. I also pwered off/on and still can’t see it. Any advice please as to where it has gone? Thank you.

  • owen

    It seems to have fixed a problem with the multitouch, where it used to flip axis’ when fingers crossed paths when using a multitouch test app. Also had a problem with the phone rebooting everytime I tried to install an app from the market. This was fixed by factory resetting the phone.

  • Bashar

    got it here in Kuwait but since i’m rooted i was scared to update it as it might kill something else

    it shows Market only, dunno what does that mean though!

  • bhavya

    Available in India too

  • ommak

    Can someone tell how to update via goldcart
    I mean i enter recovery mode and press
    Or i insert the goldcart and update via goldcart
    Thank you

  • IB

    Update available in Israel too.

    Facebook app’s UI is updated.
    No problems with WiFi/BT/etc.
    Battery life seems SHORTER than before.

  • Jan

    Strange! I have an unlocked Desire in Norway with 2.10.405.2.

    The OTA 2.29.405.2 is NOT available for me.

    BUT, I DO have the new updates in Android with “related software”.

    So it seems that I do have the update after all….?

  • Daryl

    I don’t have 25 MB left. That’s pretty crappy, ain’t it?

  • bigsee

    My Desire isn’t unbranded, it is from Telenor-HU, and I’ve got the update too…

  • DReamerTR

    Yes, after the update the battery performance is really better. And the phone is a little bit faster.

  • Stefan

    In Sweden now! Nice.

  • Kevin

    Its available in Austria (with A1) to. But the Update delets your saved Homescreens.

  • Dario

    Just got it in Croatia, no idea what it does.

  • in Spain too!
    carrier: Orange, locked phone (I guess)

  • Michael

    Austria – Hi, I made the Update in my unbranded Desire. I did not find any changes except of a point in the PC-Connections. Now there ist the point USB-Connection (hope the translation ist correct). At least this point seems new to me but perhaps it was there already before.
    Greetings from Vienna, Austria

  • James

    If you have unbranded your phone, or rooted your phone, you’ll need the Gold Card inserted BEFORE applying the update. Otherwise, the WIFI will break!

    For everyone else, WIFI will continue on as normal.

  • Sergi

    I’ve just installed it in my unbranded HTC Desire. I’ve found one fix: Htc Peep, Twitter client, now lets you attach pics. Before the update it used to give me an error at 90% upload.
    Besides that, I don’t know what other changes we have, perhaps it goes a bit faster…

  • John

    Just installed update on DHT Desire (from 3. Insalled OK but now home screen battery status icon is grey with an exclamation mark and in battery information says”Battery status unknown”. Any Ideas?

  • John

    Meant HTC Desire and I am in UK. Availability appeared on my screen today.

  • Philip Jon Aldhous

    I downloaded this software last night in the uk and now my wifi just says error! SO SO SO annoying, hurry up and find a fix someone, anyone πŸ™‚

  • @ Philip

    Was your Goldcard in the phone before you applied the update?

    If you download the latest version from Shipped ROMS, rename it “” and then drop it onto your goldcard, you can install it via recovery mode.

  • bosniacus

    just downloaded it in Bosnia – android rocks

  • LuisL

    Available in Argentina. Downloaded and installed 17 Dec. No probs!

  • Anuj Vir

    I have a Rooted HTC Desire.
    Leedroyd 2.2f.
    I downloaded the upgrade… But i am not being able to install it.
    When i Press the “OK” button to install it…. my phone reboots and i am taken to the ClockWork screen. I try and install the update but noting installs. The update does not install automatically for me.

    Is this because i have a rooted Phone?

    Is there anything significant that i am missing by not installing this update .. Please reply

  • henio

    Also Available in Poland Playmobile

  • Paulo

    Avaliable in Brasil!

  • Diego

    Also available in Chile

  • Leakim

    received the update too (in sweden) and it bricked my phone. Now it just shows the HTC logo with a white screen =(

    Also tried to do factory reset using the bootloader (power on+voldown->recovery->poweron+volup but it did not change anything…)

  • Psytechnic

    I got the update today in the UK. No notable changes. Strangely enough, my UI for facebook and the market changed a few days ago, so I doubt that’s the reason for the update. The kernel number seems different, but it’s typical of htc to not give any information regarding what it actually does.

  • fin

    Available in Finland

  • Marius

    I have made the update today, since that my phone doesnΒ΄t open HTC SENSE proces.I have talk with HTC service and they said to make Hard reset but unusefull.They said to sent the phone at Repair center but i have to pay myself the delivery, this is a bad service, and i have no phone over the Christmas this is so bad.

  • Battery life seems improved and I’m now getting twitter updates via FriendStream again now which stopped for no apparent reason a while ago.

  • bunner

    from thailand…
    just Installed the new updated..its running fine so far. no problems yet.
    everything is as it was before.
    i m glad i did not loose anything.

  • Tullio

    I think this update fixes the Daylight saving time issue. At least for mine did it. Now the clock widget works!

  • Jean Tod

    Available in Greece too

  • In Belgium too, more options to display the contacts.

  • neilQ5

    Philippinse also available! markte is updated and installation is succesful