While I wouldn’t call HTC one of the fastest when it comes to updating their Android devices, they do an excellent job at keeping everyone in the public eye informed with announcements. Just like last week, today HTC has posted an update over on Facebook detailing the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for devices specifically in the US.

The announcement last week that many HTC devices would be getting updated to Android 4.0 ICS starting in March was great news and included the HTC Sensation, Sensation XE and XL and a few others. One very important and hugely popular phone missing was the HTC Thunderbolt and we saw tons of unhappy customers over the announcement. Today HTC has detailed the updates in a “North American Edition” and it includes the LTE powered device this time around.

According to the news HTC will be updating the Thunderbolt, Rhyme, Incredible 2, and Rezound to Ice Cream Sandwich. Not to mention the HTC Raider for those in Canada. This basically sums things up and confirms most of their devices over the past year will all see upgrades as long as the hardware isn’t too extremely old. With HTC also announcing “early access previews” or beta builds of ICS in the coming days to a few lucky people we have a feeling the freezer is about to open any day now. Stay tuned for more details and enjoy all the links below for more information.

  • Anonymous

    Ok that’s great news for Thunderbolt & Dinc 2 owners, but when are they going to update HTC Rezound? HTC sucks at updating in a timely fashion & I’m going to seriously be pissed if its you know q4.

    • Kevin Prowell

      Click on the Facebook link provided…  It says the Rezound is getting ICS.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I already know the Rezound is getting it but i would like to know when? like how they already set a date for the Sensation model which is in March. Thanks though…

      •  Most likely in early April

      • Anonymous

        I’ve never had good results with HTC updates every time I’ve bought an HTC device at the time it’s their flagship for VZW, but the device had always been one of the lest devices to finally receive the OTA. Like with the Dinc bought it when it bought it brand new a week after it came out but the 2.3 update didn’t finally come out until it was about 2 months before my next upgrade so it was too little too late for me so i upgrade to the bionic instead of HTC device

      • trob6969

        This is why i buy smartphones based on their right-out-the-box features. I bought the htc rezound without caring wether i ever got the ics update or not. The phone is VERY fast and functional as it already is.

  • Did this writer even attend high school?  Can he find North America on a map?  North America isn’t “the northern parts of the U.S.”  Hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the T-bolt to get ICS!

    Hopefully ThunderStick or Cyanogenmod are on the Job!

  • when will incredible s get ics?

  • Danielvasquez41

    when will the thunderbolt get it?