Updated PayPal App with Mobile Check Cashing Hands On


Today PayPal brought a major update to their Android app, which brought, among other things, the ability to cash checks by taking a picture of them. This has been a killer feature for their iPhone App now since October, and starting today you can use your phone to add checks directly to your PayPal account, or transfer it to your savings account, skipping a trip to the bank!

The PayPal app, has let handle simple transfers between your PayPal and bank accounts for some time now, but the latest update has put a big focus on getting users the features they have been asking for. First and foremost among these is PayPal’s mobile checking that iOS users have been enjoying for some time now. The process is fairly straightforward, allowing you to take a picture of your endorsed check, which is put in your PayPal account with the ability to transfer the cash to your bank baked right into the app.

The app has plenty of other cool stuff built in for you to do with your newly deposited check. There are options to donate straight from your PayPal account, or bump two phones together to exchange contact information or money. Another feature we loved was the “split the bill option.” You can put in a total, tip percentage, and the number of people to split the bill between. The app then lets you adjust the fraction of the bill each person is paying, and put in their email or phone number to send requests to their account for a cash transfer back to you while you cover the bill. Waiters and waitresses everywhere just lept for joy.

The other big feature included with the update is the ability to store the app on your SD card for any device running Android 2.2 or later. While a lot of people may take the concept of using your SD for extra app space for granted, it has personally saved me from having to delete apps more than once. Reading over comments in the Android Market though, it sounds like people updating their already installed version of the app have had trouble with this feature, but simply uninstalling the old version before installing the new one seems to be the fix to that problem.

So go get the app and cash checks to your heart’s desire! Just don’t endorse your checks with people taking pictures on their cell phone over your shoulder…

  • UKGuy

    Chase Bank Android App has had this for months

    • Sparky

      If you’re the customer of any other bank that doesn’t really help you 🙂

    • eeeeeee

      but chase fucked up my account and i cant get a bank anywhere thanks to a fucking hacker that’s should be ililgal fuck the government but thank got finally im no longer embarrassed and no longer have to people i only take cash its hackers fult not mine the fucking us gov makes it my fult cos i was to scared to file pople report

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but it takes like 2-3 days to transfer to your bank account. People always seem to leave that part out. But nonetheless, it’s useful and pretty fricking cool!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! “PayPal Check Scanning”. That’s almost funny. I haven’t written a check for 3-4 years; nor have I received one for I don’t know how long.
    And why would anyone want to deposit their checks into an un-prudentially-regulated “account” with PayPal. Sheesh …
    Sounds to me like PayPal is preparing for the not too distant future when the retail banks/Visa/Mastercard finally relegate the clunky PayPal back into the “paper” age, or more likely still, the stone age.
    What you need to know to protect yourself from PayPal:
    Enron / eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.