Gtalk video calling for phones with Android 2.3.4 at Google I/O?

April 26, 2011

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Although Gtalk has been a mainstay on Android for some time now, it's only with 3.0 Honeycomb that the app got video calling support. Now, it looks like Google may be updating the smartphone version of Gtalk to support two-way video calls, taking to the Google I/O stage to unveil it.

One Android user - who has supposedly worked with Samsung - claims to have tested a Nexus S handset running Android 2.3.4 and used Gtalk video calling on the device. The current version of Android Gingerbread shipping is v2.3.3.

Considering the number of Honeycomb tablets - which come with video-capable Gtalk preinstalled - is growing, it would certainly make sense for Google to introduce the app for handsets too. Google I/O 2011 kicks off May 10 in San Francisco; we'll be there to bring back all the juicy details.

[via The Droid Guy]

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  • waiting Gingerboard 2.3.4

  • Anonymous

    still waiting for android 2.3.3!

    Good to see the nexus S getting video calling, the front facing camera hasn’t seen any use 🙂

  • No

    Video ok, but voice is toooooo quiet … unusable 🙁