Grab a Lagfix for your Galaxy S Device WITHOUT Voodoo

December 17, 2010

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So you've got a Galaxy S device and you want it improved. You'd like it not only to work better, but faster. Have you taken a bite of Voodoo? Once you do, you'll find that there's a Lagfix that'll replace your cruddy RFS filesystem with the Linux-standard Ext4 filesystem. What's that do? It restores your I/O performance and overall user experience to the speeds and quality it aught to be! Now, with the help of XDA member supercurio, you can have these Ext4 speed improvements with a totally safe mount option on /data! Hooray forever!

You can take a whole big look at this situation over at XDA forums, and NOTE: this functionality is already implemented in Voodoo, so if you're up on that, you're already a step ahead. See [this thread] and tell us how it works for you - we got a 15% speed increase on the I/O! Ohh baby.

[Via XDA]

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  • jose

    I have a Galaxy S and I didn’t want to hack it in case I brick my phone. But I was so fed up with it that I decided to, first abilitate 3button recovery, and then root it and use Voodoo.
    My concern now is HOW COULD I WAIT FOR SO LONG? It is night and day; I love my Galaxy S now. It is as it is supposed to be: very fast and lag free.
    If you have doubts the same way I did, just go for it. In the unfortunate case that something goes very wrong (and it has to be very very wrong), you can always take it to a Samsung service to have it unbricked. Believe me, it is worthy.

  • epic

    Does the Epic 4G galaxy s need lagfix? I keep hearing mixed answers on that…

  • I put this in my Fascinate kernel and I’m not seeing much of a difference.