Google has updated the stock Android keyboard today, bringing with it a nice feature we’ve long wanted. The keyboard app will now keep track of your typing habits and offer personalized suggestions. The feature is turned on by default, but can easily be disabled in settings.

The personalized settings are meant to offer up language that more closely matches your own. We’ve all had those instances where an inside joke or odd word hacked out quickly gets changed, ruining the fun altogether. Then you have to follow it up with a correction, the joke is ruined, and everything is terrible.

Google wants you to keep having fun, though! This info is kept on the device itself, so keep that in mind. If you switch between a tablet and smartphone — or multiple Android devices of any kind — the learning curve will be much longer. The app monitors your use across apps, so you aren’t limited to messaging apps like Hangouts, but it could be an arduous process.

Google does notify you after the update of the change (when you use the keyboard for the first time), and lets you know then how to switch it up. If you’re not a fan of the keyboard app tracking you, just go to the keyboard settings (long press the microphone key), and select “Google Keyboard Settings”. Then just un-select the “Personalized Suggestions” option, and you’re back to random autocorrect fun.

  • Tyler Noell

    Would it be for all androids? i have a Samsung Galaxy PLayer 3.6 with Gingerbread (2.3.6) And cant upgrade to the new Android Kit Kat.

  • Jim Rickards

    I honestly can’t understand why Google doesn’t have the best keyboard available. SwiftKey is heads and tails above Google’s keyboard.

  • Rob LeDrew

    Is the KB in the title pic Google keyboard? If so, how did you get the number/5th row?