Google isn’t always met with open arms in some territories, forcing it, at times, to withdraw or hold back. One such case is Iran, where Google does not offer certain services or has been blocked a number of times. That situation could be changing as Google announces the availability of Google Play Store for free apps in Iran.

Google and Iran have not been the best of friends. Google services such as Search and Gmail have been blocked in the past, which was met with outcry even from Iran’s own legislators. Users have found ways to circumvent such censorship but it doesn’t change the general behavior of the government towards the company. Google, on its part, has not made available certain sites like YouTube and, until now, has not opened up its Android market to the region.

Google says that Android app developers will now be able to publish and make their free apps available to Iran directly via the Google Play Store. This opens up a whole new market for developers though it remains to be seen whether it will be received with as much popularity as other Google services. It is also unknown how long this favorable situation will last, given the rocky situation between Google and the country.

Unfortunately, this good news only applies to free apps. Apps that need to be bought or have in-app billing features are still blocked in Iran. Google has not made any indication when it will follow suit or if it plans to make these apps available at all.

VIA: TechCrunch

  • This is good news for the people of Iran, now they can enjoy google play 😀


      not yet irans goverment blocked play store play store says error 403

      • bn

        irans goverment blocked play store ?? Are you Crazy ? plz just shut up 😐 we can’t have access with proxy 😐

    • anahita

      do you now anything about “error 403”??? puuuuf …
      see this image plz :'(

      • anahita

        know = now
        bebakhshid dg dadash 🙂

  • Joe Blo

    What about Libya ?

  • Ali Abidrahmani

    Factual Error
    Google, on its part, has not made available certain sites like YouTube
    I am Iranian and this is untrue,Iran blocks YouTube not Google,It’s confirmed by both Iranian Government and Google.

  • Tree

    Allahu akbar

  • ali

    i am from iran 2013/8/28 now i’m go’ing to the google play and the google play say out of time eror

  • ali

    سلام من در ایران زندگی میکنم زمانی که من به گوگل پلی رفتم یعنی دیرون ارور out of time را مشاهده کردم

  • hosein

    tnx google for this favor but i check it up and show me error 403 what this mean?

  • lsta

    ISTA 6 minutes ago
    1- Google play store still is not available in Iran. This from Google side, not Iran.2- Almost all store software and thousands of Iranian made free and paid software are available through local stores and this decision by Google does not introduce much differences.3- Iranians will never forgot opportunistic decisions by Google including banning certain services and unusual promotion of certain other services.

  • amir

    tnx google for this favor but i check it up and show me Security error what this mean? O.o

  • amir

    Google opened and iran government closed it! When you want to go there you get error 403 which means Iran has blocked google play!

  • arman

    i hope this is a start of unblocking Iranian users

  • reza

    سلام خیلی از این قضیه خوشحالم.من در دورود لرستانم

    • احسان

      دمت گرم
      90 متری

  • anahita

    thank you google .. 🙂
    But before google opens the market , we have “bazar”
    it is a app and we can get other app with it…
    We can Turn Sanctions into Opportunities …
    این “خخخخخخخخ” که من نوشتمو تو هیچ جایی اعم از گوگل ترانسلیت عزیزتون نمیتونین ترجمه کنین

  • zakaria

    error 403
    i cannot download
    tanks alot

  • احسان

    we can’t download

    don’t work!

  • mahtab

    Error 403!!!!!:-(:'(

  • ngc

    Hey ! We Can’t download!!

  • Nima

    Unfortunately this is not true 🙁 we can access play store but we can’t download anything even google services 🙁

  • amir

    HI Google!
    What did IRAN people to Companys ?Like yahoo. play store
    I am proud of being Iranian
    hey…Whe Are HUman! HUMAN
    Thanks 🙂