Google Play has a reputation of not making much money for developers who offer their games there. However, not all developers agree that Google Play is not a moneymaker. In fact, developers like TinyCo, Spry Fox and Robot Invader are reporting that the Google Play revenue is on par with money they make from iOS versions of the game.

Some major studies have been published recently that claim Google Play earns about 1/8 of the daily revenue that the iTunes App Store generates. The money earned by some developers is very much at odds with the claim of poor monetization. For instance, Spry Fox CEO David Edery recently tweeted that one of his games, Triple Town, racked up $.67 via Google Play for every one dollar earned on the App Store.

That means the Android version of its game earns 67% of what the iPhone version earns, which is much closer than those recent studies would have us believe. Another developer has very similar reporting for Google Play. TinyCo says that it earned $.65 via Google Play for every one dollar earned on the Apple App Store. The key to earnings via Google Play appears to be carrier billing. Other developers report better conversions via Google Play than on the App Store. These reports really make you think about the validity of some studies.

[via Insidemobileapps]

  • Schiller_V8

    Comparing Google Play and App Store by
    revenues/paid apps is like complaining that BMW costs less than Porsche. It does, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Or even driving BMW, talking about that you drive slower than those driving Porsche. It’s senseless. 

    Together Android and ios grab ALL SMARTPHONE customers- those who pay more and those who pay less. 

    Google isn’t a company of PAID, but it makes A LOT OF MONEY. It exists, grows and becomes more and more awesome! Learn from Google to be extremely successful on Android!Why not to create an Android version with an ios version of an app and make AND Android portion of money TOO – from Ads, HALO-effect, larger global recognition, brand popularity, wider audience, synergy, innovative marketing tools? Not creating an Android version for 300,000,000+ Android users is just plainly senseless. Creating an Android version developers add AND Android revenues to their revenues and grow their OVERALL POPULARITY and BRAND recognition.Developers will NOT have another ios. WP7 will not be another ios too. Developers have Android and it’s not its MINUS that it makes less and on par money or has less paid apps. It grabs the largest marketshare. And probably works the best using its PARENT’S (Google Inc.) business model.So, developers have 2 options: 1) to develop for Android and make *all the possible money* from it, learning how to do this the best and growing their brand popularity, being a developer, developing for 90% of the market.2) to not develop for Android and throw away *all the possible money* from 300M+ Android users, letting other smart guys to develop a BETTER and more functional app for Android instead of senseless waiting and make *all the possible money* from Android. It’s competition.

    Not to develop for Android is SENSELESS.

  • Matt Sokolinski

    totally agree with you. ios devs just are afraid of a bit harder work but they dont realise that at the end they loose money cos someone else will copy the app put it on play store and “steal all the revenue” how many times I’ve heard iOS devs complaining that their app has a copy on android market…. and who’s fault is that???