Google has updated to it’s popular Google Maps app which relies on both historical and current traffic data to plan routs and offer alternates. The previous version, could advise drivers of bad traffic ahead and offer a shortest alternative, but often times, the shortest route wasn’t always the fastest. The new version will offer three alternatives, the distance of each route and the projected time it takes to transit the detour.

Users don’t have to update the app as the change is done at the server level. That’s great news as all that the driver needs to do is access the Google Maps app as usual. There are also pings to return directions as well. The new Google apps features are available to North American and European markets where Google can link to real time traffic data.

[via Technologizer]

  • Vic

    What’s new, from my device seeing several alternative routes with traffic has always been there, just one more click away.

    Now if Google would let you scroll more than 10 recent’s from the start screen that would give Garmin something to worry about! How about a device only search, you know from contacts and recents? And yea, I’m talking about using names, street addresses, ZIP codes!

    But what do I know, I’m just a courier that uses these tools many times a day.

  • Incendiarypunkrock

    it’s = it is