Google Maps 5.3 adds Latitude Location History, custom Places reviews

April 5, 2011

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Google has updated Google Maps for Android to v5.3, introducing the new Google Location History dashboard. Working with Latitude's Location History, the new info pane shows your recent locations as well as how long you've spent at work, at home or simply out and about.

As always, you can delete your location history either partially or completely, and it's only visible by users themselves or the people they share their location with. There's a new "check in at home" feature, too.

Finally, Google Places with Hotpot now allows you to add your own rating category, so you can leave custom feedback. The Google Maps update is available via the Android Market for devices running 1.6 or higher.

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  • Charles Florence

    I have tried to edit my locations (because of mistakes) but I can not. My phone only offers , chg home or work location. Is there  something else? I may have to uninstall to get changes .