As long as the world doesn’t end in 2012, the LA Times writes Google+ could round up 400 Million users by the end of 2012. This is only theoretical, and going by the current 625,000 calculated users signing up daily. With some simple arithmetic, we arrive at around 400M.

For those of you that don’t know, Google+ was started in July of this year, and became publicly popular extremely quick. During initial release, it took a quick jab at Facebook as an obvious competitor in social networking. Currently, Facebook has 800 million (and counting) users, so Google+ definitely has some catching up to do. Being only 5 months old, Google+ has shown its potential through ease of use and offering features not yet available on Facebook, particularly Hangouts; the ability to video chat with multiple friends at once from either a computer or mobile device.

Though estimating the outlook of a social networking system is bound to see some error, the projection helps us see if it will actually stand a chance against Facebook, or just fade away. To be honest, I use them both regularly, and in different ways. So having them both has proven to benefit me very well. Within Facebook, I tend to only use the chat feature; whereas Google+ is my primary network to share my pictures. In the end, it may not be who wins – but who can keep up.

[via LA Times]

  • Maybe that is when i will pledge to delete my facebook.

  • I have a google+ account but rarely use, since most my contacts are in Facebook and I don’t need yet another social service.

  • I have a Google+ account but rarely use it, since most my contacts are in Facebook and I don’t need yet another social service.

  • Fred

    There are many people on G+, but how many active accounts ? Most of my active G+ friends are Twitter users, but the others ? They registered, they didn’t understand the circle thing, they said “there’s nothing and nobody here, it’s useless and complicated” and they came back to FB, laughing about G+, the social network for nerds…

    I still hope that one day, they will understand that G+ (or even better, Diaspora) could replace both FB and LinkedIn, but as about many topics, I believe my expectations about human beings are too high…

  • Anthony Bell

    i wish the male/female ratio was more balanced. i hardly use it because all i see is a bunch of dudes on it lol

    • Bluelip

      It’s not a dating site.