Google engineer and security vendors spar over Android malware threat

November 21, 2011

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  • I can’t stand these so called “Security” software vendors. I don’t know how people are so dumb to not realize that these companies profit on the existence of virus’s so they would obviously trump up the data to encourage the purchase of “Security” software. I bet the virus’s out there were created by these losers. The beauty of the android platform and its open architecture is that apps have to request permissions. If you don’t grant them, they don’t have them. So, if you are downloading an app from a lesser known publisher, just take the five seconds to read the permissions and if they make sense for the app.

  • Just like people are appalled by those shady websites ripping them off when they give their credit card numbers, ppl will be appalled by malware being distributed on the internet!

  • James V Feragola

    Does anyone known anyone, that hasn’t been doing odd things, that has gotten a virus on their phone?  Out of the Dozens and Dozens of people I know and work with, some that even do and view some questionable things, none have ever said that they acquired a virus and had to take their phone in.