Gartner: Samsung makes up 40% of Android smartphone sales

May 17, 2012

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For the moment, Samsung and Joss Whedon have something in common: they're both on top of the world. After shipping more smartphones than any other company last quarter, a new report from Gartner says that four out of every ten Android smartphones comes from Samsung. Considering that Android is indisputably the top smartphone OS on the planet, that's no fleeting statistic.

They're beating the pants off of their nearest competitors in the Android world, none of which managed to crack a 10% share. Altogether Android makes up a 56% share of the world's smartphones, according to Gartner's estimates. Smartphone sales in general grew enough for both Android and iOS to gain, with BlackBerry and the various flavors of Windows falling behind.

Samsung is likely to continue their dominance until the end of 2012 at least. They introduce more models in more markets than any other smartphone maker, and their flagship Galaxy S III will likely sell in the tens of millions of units if the previous two generations are any indication. Love them or hate them, it's impossible to deny their success - except in the tablet market, where the iPad and inexpensive Android reader tablets are dominating just about everybody.

[via eWeek]

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  • El

     Samsung’s story is nothing but South Korean government’s subsidy in
    full effect. Please do not forget that Samsung is not only a
    phone-making company. It’s business areas range from nuclear reactors, to defence, to
    financials, to construction/heavy industries, to insurance, to
    semiconductors, to advertizing, to hotels and resorts, to chemicals, to
    medical instruments, and so on – with billions of dollars of assets.

    manufactures the critical parts of iPhone, knowledge of which it is
    using to make android smart phones and the feature phones, which it
    sells ALL OVER THE WORLD, overtaking Nokia.

    can Apple or any US company, however innovative, can compete with
    foreign companies- like Samsung – which feed on government
    subsidies, every day. Where is the level paying field. The above
    comments apply to Japanese companies – such as Toyota, Honda, etc also. These
    companies spend virtually no money in US in research and development —
    depriving our young generations/college graduates from the jobs and
    place to learn skills. Is not this reason why US is slowly loosing the
    white-collar jobs also? Have you ever heard of the word “layoffs” or
    joblessness among college graduates in Asian countries?

    • Derail Doax

      Lol! Your comment it’s just plain stupid. As if the US cell phone companies employ that many people to create those phones… Apple and Motorola both use more overseas workers than they do US workers. Plus you don’t hear Samsung assembly workers committing group suicide do you? Relatively to Apple, Samsung is an angel… Will the fact that it’s based overseas make me not buy a Samsung phone? Hell no.

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