More Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update news is appearing this afternoon. While all the hype as of late has been about the Galaxy S III, it’s older smaller brother the Galaxy S II is finally getting Android 4.0 ICS over on AT&T. They have two models, and this is the standard 4.3-inch original SGSII, not the Skyrocket. More details below.

This was leaked about two months ago but today it’s official. Like the T-Mobile version however, this update appears to only be available via software using a PC and Samsung Kies (download). AT&T will not be pushing the update over the air to devices so users will be required to manually update to Ice Cream Sandwich should you choose to — which AT&T is calling an optional update.

If you have the original Galaxy S II on AT&T you’ll want to install Kies from the link above, grab a USB cord and update to the latest and greatest version of Android. Everything should remain the same, data and contacts should be in tact, but as always I’d backup or save anything important just to be safe. Drop us a comment below and let us know how it goes.

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  • Cor

    I’ve been trying to update all afternoon. For some reason it says that my firmware is current at 2.3.6. However, there was then a contradiction when I actually initiated a manual update under the tools tab and it made it midway when suddenly some other language popped up forcing me to click ok. Then it all closed.

    • eww.. that’s weird. You try checking out the forums for help

    • Max

      I did the same thing and something popped up in Chinese or something… It just had one option [OK]… and it dint do anything….

  • droid

    kies is down so you cant update till Saturday.

    • droid

      yea and i tried this morning at 4 am and it didn’t work it said i had latest firmware

  • I am getting the same info that my firmware is current!

  • I’ve been getting the runaround for the last 2 days. ATT blames Samsung…Samsung says there is no update…then blames Google. So unfortunate

    • Drew

      Do you think there will be an update anytime soon?

  • According to several sites it was not to be released yet only the people who hooked up to Kies early yesterday morning were lucky. The rest of us will have to wait even afterthe Kies maintenance is done

  • Tom

    What is the consensus of Skyrocket being included in the ICS update?

  • More bogus info, obviously.

  • Fingers Crossed

    I was just told by an AT&T Tech Support rep that the update will go live on Tuesday June 26th and be available at

  • 11muo

    what about the galaxy I727 not the I777

  • Worried

    still cant find any answers to what is this suppose to do to my phone????

  • galaxy

    Updated mine last Thursday works good except phone turns off and won’t turn back on till you take the battery out.

  • larik

    i m currently using ginger bread and my phone is unlock if i update on ics wil it lock again please reply thanks