Sigh. I don’t even know where to start with this one. The folks over at Microsoft have a new commercial that’s making the rounds where they’ve put the flagship and top-tier Samsung GALAXY S 4 against the Nokia Lumia 521. Yes the budget friendly 521 and it’s 1 GHz dual-core processor and low price is being compared to the king of all Android phones. It’s pretty comical so take a peek below.

The Lumia 521 comes with a 1.0 GHz dual-core and only 512MB of RAM. The 4-inch screen has a 2009-style 480 x 800 resolution display. Oh, and it runs Windows Phone. The phone does have one good thing going for it, and that is the price. Being nearly free on contract, or $149 outright Nokia did do a good job with making it a quality budget smartphone.

The problem here isn’t the device, it’s that they compare it and the $149 price with Samsung’s GALAXY S 4, while claiming the GS 4 will cost $750. So while the add isn’t really comparing both phones, Microsoft wants to show us what all we can buy with the money saved if you choose a Lumia 521. It’s a noble try, but I found it quite funny and figured our readers would too.

In the end they want you to know that $750 is way too much for a phone when you can get the Lumia 521 for $149. Sadly almost everyone (at least in the U.S.) will get it on contract for $199, and that $49 difference for a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core power, 13 megapixel camera, and the latest Android 4.2.2 is 100% worth it. In every aspect. It’s just laughable that they actually took the time to make this a full out commercial.

Yes, we know they aren’t actually comparing the phones head on vs each other, but when you look at it realistically the price difference isn’t big enough that people will honestly see this and choose a Lumia. Just my $0.02 on the matter. What do you guys think?

  • mikeGsays

    What a joke….. I paid $150 ON contract for my S4, and wouldn’t even consider owning any of those worthless Windows Phones even if they were free, nice try M$

    • haha right. And where the hell did he pay $750 for a GS4. That’s absurd.

      • Hernan_San

        They forgot to mention the headaches and app-less market that comes with it, im a huge android fan, but a bigger apple fan, and i would never change to a windows phones

      • mitch molina

        i did and it sucked went back to android

      • I did, and it’s doing very well…

      • Rohit mane

        who told you to change well i am very very big fan of windows phone for your kind information nokia and microsoft are the top 1 in there fields

  • They lost me at the 1:34 mark. Monster is a hilariously overpriced brand.

  • tidzar

    whats the price for the lumia on contract? youre not comparing them apple to apple :p

  • Shelly Nicee

    That is pretty pathetic.

  • mikexilva

    Talking about prices, they should have that same computer option with Linux instead of windows costing just $350 and what’s best way to spend the the remaining $100? just donate it to Microfrost 😛 that would be an even better version of this add.
    But remember whenever you buy a Galaxy S4, you are donating to Microfrost because when some OEM offer you Android, M$ and not Google is receiving money for not suing all OEM’s.

  • Babs Oyed

    What a joke. Firstly this add is misleading, secondly the Galaxy S IV is so much better that I’ll rather pay 1k for it than accept any Windows Phone for free. Windows Phone is a bad joke. Elop should have gone with both Windows and Android and maybe they would have been the King of Android at this time instead of Samsung. It was a stupid gamble to have crammed all their eggs into one precarious Microsoft basket. Funny thing is that Microsoft is still making money while Nokia is not doing so well and they keep firing people like it’s a video game. Elop the flop should be fired for running the company to the ground.

  • That’s a pathetic ad and makes no sense whatsoever, but Cory, what had you before writing this? You went just as stupid as the ad by comparing the outright price of the Lumia to the contract price of the S4. $49 difference? Really? I see a $200 difference on contract and a $600 difference outright.

  • Wes

    >Sadly almost everyone (at least in the U.S.) will get it on contract for $199

    I agree that the ad is ridiculous, comparing the prices of the phones, but you can’t compare off-contract price to on-contract price. Obviously you will be paying more in the long run when you buy an on-contract phone. Otherwise, I agree with your other sentiments.

  • Marko Kostic

    Laggy PlasticSung S4 is not the “king of all android phones”. For you maybe.

    • anon

      It is though. It factually is.

  • Remo Gutierrez

    No you’re right. Who the hell is paying full price on phones? What’s funny is that for my first smart phone I did pay full price online, but stupid me and Sprint reps didn’t help much, I went to their store, apparently I had set up my phone already over the phone with a Sprint rep, so long story short I got on a contract with them(knowing what I know now I would have stayed off contract). I’ve broken two contracts thus far with T Mo and Sprint. I’m with Att now NO CONTRACT.

    • titanium_man

      I paid full price for my Nexus 4 and pay $30/month no contract Tmobile 4g

  • Remo Gutierrez

    WTF is Microsoft really thinking? Strange ad.

  • Dillon Shepherd

    I, for one, welcome the competition in the low budget price range. Let’s see what Google can offer at that price point 🙂

  • Nick Dion

    Why not Compare the 521 to a Galaxy Duos then? That is a more fair comparison..

  • 4 inches is quite good however it is better if it larger because the space for the users choose the app and other things

  • Thats cute Microsoft. There are plenty of reasons the 521 is $150 and the S4 is $750. Of course you dont want your customers to know that.

  • MheShe

    Obviously this is an Android community but how can you say $ 49 price difference? Lumia 521 off-contract is $ 149. S4 is $ 199 + (hundreds of dollars you pay over the next two years). Carriers take advantage of such ignorance. Over the period of your contract, you are paying over $ 1500 for S4!

  • GALAXY S 4 is verry nice , i like it . it is perfect

  • I am using GALAXY S 4 it is very nice. perfect. I love it/

  • John Roberds

    OK so if the commercial was comparing the Nexus 4 to the S4 off contract you would then recognise the issue that the S4 is ridiculously overpriced for the minor differences.

    The price is that high to insure lining the pockets of the telcos with vendor lock-in and the “pay over time scam.” They (samsung and others) need their feet held to the fire for this. Good on Microsoft.

  • Tom Pajak

    When you live somewhere that doesn’t have subsidised phones then this commercial somewhat makes sense…but it’s stupid they choose the S4 to compare too….but hey…truth in advertising never sold phones

  • I am definitely bookmarking this page and sharing it with my friends.

  • Geordiemick

    In the UK I got my S4 for free and pay £26pm on Virgin. They can stick their windows phone after what Nokia did to their customers with the Symbian abandonment. I was left with an excellent phone, with no app support or updates. Pleased though as swapped to an S3 and looked back.