If you’ve been wanting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on a stick this little device is worth the wait. We first reported on the FXI Cotton Candy USB stick back in January, and received some hands-on during Mobile World Congress in February. The Computer-on-a-stick was supposed to ship in March but pre-orders will now be shipping at the end of the month with a slight design change and improved hardware.

FXI Tech calls this the “world’s smallest PC” running on Ubuntu and now Android 4.0, along with embedded virtualization clients for Windows, Linux and Mac if you’d like. The March release date was delayed until the end of May as they improved Android 4.0 support, tweaked and improved the design with black end covers and more, and even beefed up the internals so all those wanna-be computers-on-a-stick don’t stand a chance. The Cotton Candy is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, a quad-core Mali 400 GPU for graphics (Galaxy S II power), 1GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth and even a micro-SD slot for up to 64GB of storage.

Yup, all of that in a 3-inch device the size of a pack of gum. Who wants one? On the ends we have HDMI out with 1080p performance to connect to your HDTV, USB 2.0 on the other end, with microUSB in the middle for additional options for peripherals or a mouse. If you didn’t want one before, you’ll surely want one now with the new design shown above.

FXI is shipping late this month in Norway (their home country) and they will be available for the US and other parts of the world later this summer, hopefully late June because I want (need) one. Pre-orders were for $199 but they appear to be sold out for now and will be available again shortly. Get your own via the link below.

[via FXI Tech]

  • Merle Reine

    Awesome.  This can run my quad copter / plane.

  • gtr

    Too expensive wtf!!!

  • sgiff

    Ok, here’s a thought for your marketing department. Lets make a tech device that will appeal only to guys and give it a sissy ass name like Cotton Candy so we can be sure when other brands come on the market “which they already are”, the name that we choose “Cotton Candy” will be sure to put us at the bottom of the competition. Brilliant!!

  • For all of you below who commented saying negative things about this device, you obviously don’t know much about tech devices or all of the things that you will be able to do with it. This device will give you the ability to have a truly mobile pc. Oh and btw this isn’t only for men, it is for people who know how to use it! (I’m guessing you don’t) There may be other devices on the market like this but they don’t have specs nearly as good as this.

  • Waldo

    Why are you still such an IDIOT Merle? Didn’t losing all those jobs teach you anything? What a MORON.