Froyo Source for Samsung Fascinate 3G+ on Telus Released

January 13, 2011

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Hooray for Froyo, Froyo for everyone! You can now have yourself a bit of the ol' frozen yogurt on your Samsung Fascinate 3G+, courtesy of Samsung's Open Source Release Center. You know what this means? Froyo ROMs for Galaxy S phones for everyone, everyone in the world! Yay and joyous day.

Take a look right over on Samsung Open Source Release Center's search page for SGH-T959D and you'll find both and SGH-T959D_OpenSource.tar.gz - now make some magic happen, Community. Let's work those clickers. -Thanks Noit!

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  • Adam

    This is a Great phone! The screen on it is brilliant. I’m glad I got this over the iPhone 4