Back when I used to wear a watch, my favorite brand was Fossil. The watches tended to look cool and they were affordable whereas watches for some of the other major brands were often hundreds of dollars. Fossil has a new concept watch that can connect to your Android device via Bluetooth and show you all sorts of data so you can leave the phone in your pocket.

The downside is that you have to start wearing a watch again. I haven’t worn a watch in years. The watch is a secondary screen that will shoot over details like weather, caller ID, and email from your phone to the watch screen.

Why would you want that? The idea is so that you can see who is calling you or texting you with your phone in your pocket. I can see this being something that would be useful when driving so you can’t have to dig the phone out of your pocket. That said, there big downside of the concept device is that the tiny screen means you need to do a lot of scrolling to read a text and if you get long texts it’s not going to be worth it to most of us. Still the concept is cool and some will find it appealing.

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  • @MrBojangles288

    I personally love wearing my watch. It is the only piece of “jewlery” a guy can really wear (exception being a wedding band of course). But I love fossil for the same reason listed and would buy this in about 3.5 seconds

  • nXt

    I hope it’s better than the Sony LiveView, I got one and returned it the next day, it was horrible and had major issues.

    I personally have about 6 Fossil watches (from $90-$180 ranges). I like their watches.

  • Jadawin

    Saw the head of development of Fossil at Google I/O 2010 showing this around discretely as he was getting ideas and tinkering with it. It looked very nice in person; of course, apps would have to know to talk to it, but I’m sure an Intent would be available… I just hope they get the battery life nice and long on the watch! 🙂 Where do I preorder!

  • They’d have to be stupid to charge that much when Sony’s Liveview does more, in COLOR, at less than half the cost!

  • CaTiC

    @Techni: According to JKKMobile, the Liveview is made of cheap-looking plastic, is about 2cm thick and is just plain impractical. It’s worth paying a bit more for quality.

  • The coolest thing to do with that connection would be while you’re out for a run – get all the running performance monitoring apps connected so that you can see how many calories you burnt, how fast you’re going etc, get navigation instructions for new routes and best part if you’re a professional sports guy, get your trainer’s feedback while running – sms to your phone, displayed on your watch. that all on top of seeing who calls you, texted you, and not to forget the time, that’d be something I’d use.

  • Ken4000

    This is not a new concept… I have had two Bluetooth watches for over 5 years now. A MBW 100 and a 150. These also works with Android through the application Openwatch.

  • Liu zong

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