Fleksy, the “Happy Typing” predictive keyboard exits beta

December 5, 2013

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Fleksy is a predictive keyboard for Android. The app has been around for roughly half-a-year, though that was in beta form and available only for those participating in the Google+ beta community. Well, as of today the app has ditched the beta tag and arrived for all to checkout.

There are plenty of predictive keyboard options for Android users, however Fleksy attempts to stand out by taking this a step further. They have said you can use Fleksy without even looking at the screen.

"Fleksy is a state-of-the-art text input system so powerful that you can type without even looking at the screen."

This will likely take some getting used to. Not to mention, some trust on the part of the user. But that said, those moving forward with an installation of Fleksy will find the app is able to be installed for free. You should realize though, this is a trial that expires in 30-days time. Those looking to stick with the keyboard past the trial period will then need to upgrade for $3.99.

The Fleksy "Happy Typing" keyboard has the features that Android users have come to expect. That is to say, you will find support for different languages and be able to adjust the look and feel. There is also a dictionary and for those who need a bit of help getting started, a tutorial and speed game.

The app also makes use of swiping gestures. For example, a flick right is the same as hitting the spacebar, a flick down will cycle through the suggested words and a flick left will clear text. You can also flip up to undo a correction. And for those feeling adventurous --- there is an invisible mode. But perhaps key here, the Fleksy keyboard is one that is touted as being "extremely forgiving."

With that, those looking to give Fleksy a try will be able to find it using this Google Play Store link.

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  • Kokomo

    I hate to point this out, but you spelled Fleksy wrong in all of your article…

    • Andre Alvis

      without any example you can’t say it is wrong. if you have any proof show i will attack their Terms.

      • Kokomo

        It is listed in the Google Play Store as Fleksy. As well as spelled Fleksy in the secondary article quotation used in this article. I’ve been a beta tester since the very beginning.

      • Hadara – Fleksy

        and we thank you for that :)

      • Kokomo

        You’re welcome! At least until the free trial ends. :(

  • Andre Alvis

    I don’t have any payment method for that please help me buy this offer and use it for longtime.

    • Hadara – Fleksy

      can you write to us and give us more details? hadara at fleksy dot com

  • http://rbrt.me/ robertnelson

    thanks to all who pointed it out, yes, Flesky should actually be Fleksy

  • SonGoku

    I also haven’t got the opportunity to buy the full version since paypal isn’t an accepted payment method… Any solution? (written with fleksy ;))