FIFA 14 lands on Google Play Store

September 22, 2013

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It may be NFL season, but that's not going to stop fans of soccer, what the rest of the world calls football, from having fun. EA Sports' FIFA 14 mobile game is now available from Google Play Store and features improved graphics and tablet-optimized controls that will let players take their football fantasy games wherever they go.

The latest version of EA's popular football (or soccer) title has been improved to take advantage of the growing capabilities of today's Android tablets. Aside from visually stunning graphics, FIFA 14 delivers new controls that make it easier to control your players on tablets. Of course, the game includes the usual array of features, giving players access to 33 leagues, over 600 teams, and more than 16,000 players, allowing fans to build their own dream team.

FIFA 14 also features the EA Sports Football Club Match Day that was added in FIFA 13, ingeniously blending the video game with real-life matches. Real-world events such as injuries, suspensions, form, and gossips will be reflected right inside the game through commentaries and plays. The game also features soundtracks from artists such as Empire of the Sun and Vampire Weekend.


FIFA 14 is available in a variety of languages such English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, and more. And for the first time on the mobile platform, commentaries will also be available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. You can download FIFA 14 from the Google Play Store link below and, to celebrate the launch, EA Sports is also offering the FIFA 14 Gold Premium Pack for free for this week only.

Download: FIFA 14 on Google Play Store

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  • Andy

    Not available in my country! 🙁 Is there a solution?

    • Prem Halani

      yepp..Download It For Any Country Now From Windroidblog.blogspot.:)

  • David Loman

    Not available with my version? I have a Note 2, what the hell are u talking about?! Could it be because of my ROM? (Carbon ROM running 4.3)

    • Liaw Kim Poh

      There are users reported that it is not available in US yet … 🙁 so it depends on your region

      • David Loman

        I’m in Mexico. That could be the issue perhaps =/

  • Chiobesek

    Someone please create and share a google account where the app is available, not having it available at the US it’s crazy…

    • Liaw Kim Poh

      I didn’t know we can do that. Try below if it works
      pass: azmklp09

      • Chiobesek

        Yes! It worked, thank you very much 😀 Downloaded.

  • Paul Gregory

    Doesn’t seem to be compatible with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 which seems odd?!

  • Carl McPherson

    Not available in UK!!!!!!!!!

    • Prem Halani

      Download It For Any Country Now From Windroidblog.blogspot…:)

  • Alex

    Not available in US also … I guess we just have to wait till the release date … 24th for us and the 27th for EU

    • Prem Halani

      Download It For Any Country Now From Windroidblog.blogspot

  • Prem Halani

    Download It For Any Country Now From Windroidblog.blogspot…:)

  • Holam

    it is avalibile in the world and in the uk but it is really hard to sign up for orgin account and that is why i chose 4 and a hlf star

  • Fuck You

    What the fuck! Why is it compatible with only so few Android devices. Most of the Xperia devices are not compatible.