Feedly Lifetime Pro is back at a substantially increased price

October 25, 2013

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As Google Reader shuttered, the information hounds quickly looked for a new RSS feed. While many contenders emerged, only one -- Feedly -- would prove itself to be better than the rest. Widely adapted in place of Reader, Feedly has brought back their Lifetime Pro account.

Whereas the top-tier-for-life option was once $99, that was for the first 5,000 people who signed up, and those went really quickly. This time around, Feedly once again raises eyebrows by charging $299 for the courtesy of being a Pro for life. That triple the cost, and you’ll get about the same features as you did before.

For your $299, you’ll get to “define custom sharing URLs”, as well as the ability to save directly to Evernote or Pocket. Users will also have the ability to get articles from “smaller sites” 30 minutes quicker, as well as the ability to search full articles from within your feed. Of course, you’ll also get “premium” support, and the joy of knowing you support Feedly.

If you require a slight upgrade from an already good (and free) service, we encourage you to check out Feedly Lifetime Pro. There is a $5/month Pro option as well, but if you’re going to use Feedly for 6 years or more, the Lifetime is a good choice. As they add services, you will get them free of charge, obviously, but we’re just not sure there is something you can add to an RSS feed that makes it worth the price.

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  • boonesimpson

    wow, that is too much.

    It is bad enough they removed free features and now charge you for them, and they didn’t import google reader starred items correctly, but $300, will they even be around in 6 years?

    I could see see $50 a year ($100 lifetime) but $300 is nuts.

    However, if it works maybe Digg reader or AOL reader will get their act together.

  • John Bailey

    For $300?! Ridiculous. That’s 6 years before you get a return on your investment, and it’s highly likely something else will come along and replace RSS feeds… who do these guys think they are?!


    Lemme know when you bought a lifetime NATE SWANNER! You encourage us to take that option when really you know that is ridiculous. Talk about greedy, feedly sucks to me every time I try to use it, they pay these bloggers to advertise their shitty service, there are plenty of free apps that do the same as what they are charging. Needless to say, I still haven’t found one that works as good as Google Reader did, currents is alright but the widget sucks ass, and that’s where Google Reader just worked, it’s widget and support from APW was the best to me anyways. I don’t see one premium feature that is worth paying $5 a month, or $300 for a lifetime when they probably will shut down their service within 5 years. Android Community just lost points here, and it’s close to being removed from my Rss, lol