Here is some interesting news today. It appears that Motorola and Verizon are having some issues with that Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update we’ve been waiting for, and even saw leaked earlier this month. After announcing a soak test, then seeing the update leaked, it appears to be canceled or put on hold as they are now pushing an update to both devices — only this is still Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Announced today by Verizon is the update to build 6.12.181 for the Motorola DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX since they use the same software. Users can expect some improvements and multiple bug fixes but this isn’t Android 4.0 ICS sadly. Earlier this month Best Buy outed the ICS updates, and then the build leaked but apparently they’ve found some reason to delay or cancel that. So most likely we won’t be seeing it officially land for these phones for at least another 3-4 weeks while they continue testing.

Either way the update for both RAZR’s should be rolling out starting today and you can see the changelog images below, or read all the information from Verizon themselves. The update however brings a few needed improvements, even if it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich. You’ll see better battery life, device stability, WiFi improvements, a more accurate 4G LTE meter, and new widgets — everyone loves widgets right?

As usual the update should be available shortly or you can manually check for updates in settings > about phone and give it a go as soon as it becomes available. We expect it to start rolling out before the end of the week. Enjoy!

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  • RAZRguy

    That sucks ….. while the rest of the companies shell out ICS , its us moto owners that have to stay with an outdated system . Does’t seem fair . 

    • shneeshnaa

      Not only that, but they are now making the Droid RAZR HD, quad core, 4.0, new 1080p screen, the works.

      • Bob

        oh, word?  What’s your source?  If you’re talking about “The Fighter” or “Razr HD”, I’ve heard nothing about it being quad core.  Please, enlighten the community.

      • Matttyd22

        The RAZR HD already came out in china and its quad core why wouldn’t the us model b
        e /

    • Jordan2x3

      what other phone has ICS? none besides nexus

      • There are various customized versions out there for people who have rooted their phone. I have a Samsung Vibrant, who officially wasn’t supposed to get anything higher than Gingerbread. I am running ICS and have been for a while.

  • Razr owner


    This has been the same experience for my last 4 phones… Only HTC seem to receive updates on time!

    If you own a Motorola or Samsung device get used to it!

  • Razr :( no ICS

     “Enhanced device security for unauthorized access” that’s why my phone got hacked last week because of those dumbasses not knowing how to secure android.

  • larryjay

    I have the Razr Maxx. The syncing feature with DejaOffice/Companionlink and ACT by Sage don’t work. Companionlink promotes a trial version that requires the use of DejaOffice, but multiple calls into Companionlink’s support has produced no fix, and required repeated calls back accompanied by long wait times and no satisfaction. Wow, you can’t believe these companies are promoting products which clearly don’t work together. I have had the product and phone for two weeks and am still unable to make a stable sync of calendar, contacts and notes. I smell sham and fraud, and feel like having been misled about product workability, compatibility & functionality. STAY AWAY if you value sanity.

  • MaxxxDriod12

    Update live here in New Orleans.

  • All good here. No webtop build changes are there?

  • Pdavis

    Verizon pushed a “system update” to my Razr today.  Apparently (from another blog), this is a “foundational” upgrade is preparation for ICS around May 21.  Problem is that it bricked the phone so badly that even Verizon couldn’t fix it so they are having to replace it.

    • razr7767

      I personally used a Verizon reps phone that ics was loaded to on the 4th. from what they said w are 2 Weeks out to get the ota update.