Docomo announces two new Disney phones, launching soon

February 1, 2012

Two new Android phones were just announced by both Docomo and Disney, and should be launching in Q1 of this year. Their names are the Docomo F-08D and P-05D. Both have a Disney skinned UI running, and are also waterproof! These aren't the first Disney phones released, but make a welcomed addition.

The F-08D is the more powerful of the two, running a 1.2GHz dual-core OMAP4430 processor. As pictured above, it will come in pink but also have a white variant available. It also sports a 4.3" display with a resolution of 720x1280. We should see the F-08D sometime in February, and the P-05D right around March.

The second device drops the processing speed down to 1.0GHz, but is still running a dual-core OMAP4430. Available in black in white, the P-05D matches a resolution of 540x690. However, unlike the former - it sports a qHD display. Both should please any avid Disney fan in Japan, let us know if you're planning on purchasing one!

[via AndroidGuys]

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  • PBX

    A lot of people love Disney even the adults so i think this will going to have lots of buyer. :)

  • Kyoex

    Yup I already have like 30-40 people on my waiting list for these phones.  No word on the pricing yet though.  The pre-orders are already sold out though, since Disney brand products are super popular here in Japan.