There are a lot of phone makers that are eager to get into the markets that are really booming for mobile devices like India. Dell has announced that it will be offering a pair of new smartphones in India called the XCD28 and the XCD35. Both of the smartphone naturally run Android 2.1.

The XCD28 will sell for Rs. 10,990 and the XCD35 will go for Rs. 16,990. The former smartphone is available right now with the latter not coming until December. The major difference in the two handsets is that the 35 has a 3.5-inch touchscreen while the 28 has a smaller 2.8-inch screen and both have a 3.2MP camera.

Other common features of the two devices include 3G connectivity, an FM tuner is built-in on both and the smartphones have integrated media players. Internal storage on both devices is 200MB with expansion using a microSD card up to 16GB. The smartphones can sync with Microsoft Email Exchange via Activesync.

  • Manohar Utting

    I love the Android platform and have been using Dell laptops for a long time. That’s why when Dell XCD28 mobile was launched in India I immediately bought it from because I had bought 2 other phones from that site and had a good experience with them.

    What I liked most about the Dell XCD28 is its responsive large 2.8-inch full touchscreen display which is good for watching videos. And yes, the 3.2 MP camera is neat too.

    I hope Dell will launch more mobiles in the future. Sure, will give Blackberry and Nokia some much needed competition.