Bearded uncle of tech, the WSJ’s Walt Mossberg, has pushed out his list of the best and worst reviewed products for 2010, and an Android device tops the charts for the most mediocre. According to Mossberg, the Dell Streak is “a tweener” that isn’t big enough to be a successful tablet but is too large to be a smartphone.

Android did show up in Mossberg’s top gadget list, however, with the Samsung Galaxy S tied for third place with the iPhone 4.

  • C

    He’s so wrong.

    The reason the Streak failed was because it launched with 1.6

    And now that it has the proper firmware updates, you might as well wait for honeycomb.

  • Rdx

    he he no wonder people call him mosspuppet

  • yellowpup

    The size is great–small enough to put in a pocket (no manbag required, guys!) and large enough to easily view, read, etc. everything. He’s wrong!!!

  • morphoyle

    I wouldn’t take his opinion too seriously, since he’s one of the most high profile Apple fanboys in the world. It’s no surprise he would call and Android based product the worst of the year.

  • Sandy

    I doubt this person’s sanity. I love my Streak. I guess he never used the Streak before writing this. This is a cool device. Just what I want with two cameras, fitting my pockets, Flash support with Android 2.2 now and loads of applications on Android market. Apple can only dream. I tell my apple friends – beat that!

  • For my part, I am very happy with my purchase, very good phone. Android 2.2, it works fine. So I’m not at all agree with this article.

  • Bob

    My Streak is perfect – because I now have Froyo(2.2) on it. I used 1.6 for @ 6 weeks and the experience was less than desirable and I anxiously waited for the firmware upgrade to 2.2. It’s a whole other world with Froyo! The Streak (hardware wise) is second to none – quite exceptional. I retired my iPhone and I have absolutely no regrets. My behavorial habits have even changed with my Streak – I actually surf the web with it, unlike I ever did with my iPhone. My experience is easily 5 Stars (with 2.2) and I am glad to use it each day. No issues with carrying it in my pant pocket every day (and that’s with a “Otter-Commuter Series” case on it. For my needs, the 5” screen is excellent and not too big OR too small (like my iPhone screen was for surfing). I will have my Streak for some time….

  • Juice

    The streak is a awesome smartphone. The douche that claimed the streak is a POS should have a article written about him pointing out how big of a dumbass he is. I have a iphone , nexus one and the streak. The streak is my favorite by far.

  • IfThenElse

    Dude, you couldn’t be more wrong. I LOVE my Streak and now that I’m rocking 2.2 it’s a truly solid device!

    Moss = Fail

  • Scott

    Mossberg is an Apple Shill.

  • Jerry USA

    I do not have 2.2 yet, sucks without Flash
    this is my second phone, first glass cracked from being in my pocket???? Fagile…this is the end of the year, where is 2.2?

  • mgk

    This article is some joke!
    Strek is REVOLUTION ! It’best form factor! Noting missing in hardware. Replaceble battery and memory ! Two cameras , dual flash. With 2.2 OS is killer! OK it delayed with upgrade , but it’s still the BEST for 2010. What sould be the size of tablet to fit into an pocket? 5 inches. What sould be the maxinum size of smartpone to fit into an pocket? 5 inches. That’s right!
    All this massive attac is from producers of phones and tablets , because Streak declare the end of mobilphone era and tablets are far from to repace the laptops as functions! Soon everyone will go with 4.8 or 5 inches devise in tne pocket! Insted of IPhone and handicap Ipad. If they reali need to carry 10 inches sometimes it will be light thin laptop!

  • darrell thomas

    wow ol’ walt out did himself this time. someone go get grandpa his happy pills and take him back to the old folks home. dell just introduced a product in a class on its own. you really can’t call it a smartphone/tablet but something thats game changing. I can think of plenty of failed products for this year say the early model 3d t.v.’s or electronic cigarettes. but the dell streak has the iPad in a lot of ways like mobility and open software. other than that go get the old man a huge magnifying glass and read him a bed time story lol

  • AkShiz

    I left Att early because I was sick of them not offering a decent Android phone while all the other carriers we’re getting them left and right. And at the time the at&t streak was 500 and had the worst android OS ever. I see now that if I’d just waited, like till now, I could have had a new 199 contract 2.2 streak instead of this EVO. I do love this thing but I just saw a 2.2 DS @ BestBuy and I was totally impressed. Fit my pockets just fine. Can’t do anything now because we bought four EVO’ s to replace the 4 iPhones, 2 of which were only 3 month old i4’s. Should make an article based on some knowledge. Not everybody wants a 3.5 inch tiny “retina display” screen to watch movies on or surf.

  • sylvaticus

    Personally I am more than happy for 5 inches.
    The best size for me!

  • Jason

    A Ford Pinto (Dell Streak) can get you from point A to B, but a Ferrari (iPad) can get you there much quicker.

    Apple haters/idiots = trailer trash, Democrat, Obama supporters, limited funds

    Apple Fanboy = Doctors, Pharmacists, Elite folks with money to spend, Republican

    The last I checked, no one can come close to the iPad. Also, whatever happened to HP Slate that offers full web? bla bla.

  • Adrian

    Jason, please let me know when your “Ferrari” iPad can multitask, make calls, and take pictures. As for demographics, Apple is typically associated with trendy lefties. Go into any Starbucks on any given day and see how many Macbooks you can count.

    Mossberg is a tool. Like most people, he totally misses the point of the Streak and tries to cram it into a category it doesn’t belong in. The 5-inch screen is great for Web browsing, and it is most certainly NOT too big to be a phone. In terms of size, it’s perfect. It’s like having a phone and tablet in a single device.

    But he actually could have made a convincing argument had he stuck to the facts. Although I love the form factor of my Streak, it also has its share of bugs. I’m on my third one, because I’ve had problems with freezing, touchscreen unresponsiveness, and Wi-Fi connection. It’s a fabulous phone, but in my experience, the quality leaves much to be desired.

  • just wanted to say.. i had apple iphone 3gs for two years and now that i have the dell streak i love it…different from all other phones and smartphones out there…I myself am still waiting on my Froyo update 2.2
    can’t wait for it…U.S Las Vegas….this guy here i have heard about him..what a big dumb ass…i also have a MACBOOK…don’t get me wrong i do also like the app store i feel that Marketplace can take notes…and much room for improvement..let’s see what 2011 will bring..what surprises will drop down…BUT over all i love my DELL STREAK…….my favorite so far….


    I have the iphone 4 and Dell Streak. I like both phones, I prefer my iphone, but my streak is waiting for 2.2 still. The dell would be much nicer if it had a high resolution screen. I also find more problems with droid app than apple. I look forward to 2.2 maybe I’ll use the dell more.

  • Jumping

    The posts to this article were better than the read.

    I presently have an iphone – i’m about three months out on my contract expiring and am about 99% sure i will be on to bigger and better things.

    The Dell Streak is the one phone that has me counting the days until this contract ends so this headline grabbed my attention…

    knowing it was written by a Mac Fanboy tells me all you need to know about how good it is… mac fanboy’s are the WORST critics around – so hard to understand why… it’s not like THEY had an actual part in making the phone – in actuality, they’re weaker then the rest because they have allowed themselves to be so easily brainwashed and manipulated.

    in any event – Looking forward to a new Streak in April 🙂

    Thanks all .. njoy your New Year!