Dell confirms no ICS for Streak 7 while Streak 5 gets Gingerbread

December 22, 2011

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If you are a user of the Dell Streak 5 tablet, you will like that a new update is available for you. Dell released the official update to Gingerbread for the Streak 5 tablet this week. The official Gingerbread ROM is available for the tablet right now and it is a 155MB update. Apparently you need to have stock recovery version 350 installed on the tablet.

The update is available free on the Dell site right now. StreakSmart reports that a change guide should be coming shortly. While the Streak 5 is getting its official update to Gingerbread, owners of the Streak 7 hoping for some ICS love on their tablets will be disappointed. Dell has officially confirmed that there will be no ICS update offered.

The question was asked on the DellCares twitter account and along with the answer was a link to the DJ_Steve video showing ICS running unofficially on the Streak 7. Dell discontinued the Streak 7 earlier this month so no official update to ICS isn’t much of a surprise for most of us.

[via SlashGear]

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  • Johneboy

    Is it a Honeycomb update or a Gingerbread update for the Streak 5???
    Your article suggests both, but I can’t find anything else about the Honeycomb update on the web.

    • Anonymous

      Gingerbread, I blame breakfasty goodness for the error.

    • there is an ginger bread update for streak 5