Thought you’d seen the last of everyone’s favorite firesale mod platform? Think again. The CyanogenMod team’s Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HP TouchPad has unofficially graduated from major beta releases to nightly updates. Those with the inclination to try the latest and greatest in community-authored open source code can now flash updated ROMs every day, courtesy of the folks at TeamWin. They’re syncing the latest Alpha build with nightly addition to CyanogenMod 9’s code, added to the main branch daily, then posting them on their own. You check the download page here to see the latest files.

Technically these releases are “kangs”, independent branches of the core CyanogenMod code. Even so, CyanogenMod TouchPad developer Erik “Dalingrin” Hardesty  recommends TeamWin’s ROMs for those who want quicker updates, as the official ROMs posted on the main RootzWiki thread can go weeks or months between updates. When the CM9 team updates their official version of the TouchPad ROM, TeamWin will probably synchronize the code and start their own nightly builds all over.

At the moment CM9 on the TouchPad is at Alpha .6 stage, and while impressive, isn’t really ready for “daily driver” status. There are still a few things that aren’t working correctly, including some audio and video. The camera is completely inoperative, and there are still issues with the Android Market. For the time being conservative users should stick with CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread. A lot of these problems should be fixed soon, though: HP has given the code for its custom Android TouchPad kernel to the CyanogenMod team. That aught to help iron out the wrinkles quickly enough.

[via Liliputing]

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  • Anonymous

    Both my wife and I are using .06 daily and it works beautifully, no joke. Yeah, the camera doesn’t work and no HD video. But standard youtube clips work fine and the sound is great when the screen is on. 

    It’s totally worth it.

  • Josejavier87

    Do I need to download all the updates or just the last one to be up to date?

  • Josejavier87

    Do I need to download all the updates or just the last one to be up to date?

  • Deepsr

    Is there a reason why I can’t pull up my work or yahoo email? What’s the synch issue it talks about? Will there be a fix soon? Other then that I love CyanogenMod 9. The back button alone makes it all worth while!!

  • mike

    Is anyone working on the audio recording problem on the HP touchpad running ICS?

  • Jheist

    My touchpad was booting the CyanogenMod system and it just froze.  The arrow keeps going around and around.  The off button is not effective, nor is the adapter cord.  Can anyone help me?

    • turbocat73

      If you press the power button and home button simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds, it should reboot/power off.

  • Ryan Tipton

    just installed 
    CyanogenMod on my HP Touchpad last night to the latest nightly update ITS AMAZING all tho i wish you could add folders to the homepages is it possible?

  • Dew

    anyone know of an app or widget to software to turn off or reboot the tablet? Kind of like WebOS has in the device info app? Sometimes the thing will not turn off at all while in Cyanogenmod ICS and I have to expend the battery to get it to turn off. Yes I have tried all of the other ways to turn off.

  • Dew

    Also anyone else have a problem with facebook app not working? Starts to run then closes and has the force close or report option. I have tried to remove and re-install several times and it just updated too.

  • GOsborn

    I have a touchpad that someone upgraded to Android 4.0.3, Kernel 2.6.35, CyanogenMod Ver 9.0.0-RC-Touchpad-Alpha 0.6, Build Date Jan 29 2:6:4 CS 2012, Build number IML74K. I would like to know where and how to do updates. The wireless only works if I am close to the router. Is there updates available or a replacement??? I have never done anything like this. Thank you for your help