If you had your eye out for a quality GPS navigation app for your Android smartphone, a new free app is now available on Google Play. The app is CoPilot GPS, a free version of ALK’s navigation software. ALK also has CoPilot Live for Android offering turn-by-turn navigation and off-line mapping selling for £20.

The new free version from the company is aimed to go directly against Google Maps Navigation. The big issue for many with the free CoPilot GPS app is that it doesn’t do turn-by-turn navigation. To enable turn-by-turn navigation and other features such as live traffic updates you have to shell out money to the tune of £19.99 for a lifetime license and £9.99 for traffic updates.

The free app lets you get maps for one country in the deal. The download is 20 MB and available right now. We have to wonder when other GPS companies such as TomTom will follow suit with free navigation apps. Does anyone else think the days of paid GPS apps are coming to a close?

[via ElectricPig]

  • bitflung

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  • So this looks useless…it offers nothing over what’s currently available. Actually, it offers less than what’s currently available. Why bother?

  • hurrpancakes

    How do they plan on competing with Google Navigation if they don’t have turn-by-turn navigation? Navigation has turn-by-turn navigation and traffic!

  • $33 US for turn by turn, and $16.13 for traffic versus free from Google? Not a very hard decision.

  • Henrywaterman88

    Sooooooo, its not free then, its free until you need to actually use it then.  What a pathetic trick on play store users.

  • banjoonmyknee

    Unless this is actually going to drive my car, I don’t see much point to buying it.

  • Ginronin

    I am going to use it cause google maps needs to download maps everytime. And considering cell service everywhere I have had a number of times when I have had no signal and couldnt find my way. I majority of the time I use GPS when I am going someplace off the beaten path.

  • Dewed

    You can’t really compare it with google maps. The best part about CoPilot is that it works without data connection. Maps are stored on your device.