Oh dear, oh no. It appears that in Marion, southern Illinois a couple of parents are pretty disturbed at the stock contents of the Coby Kyros tablets they gave their 12 and 15 year old daughters for Christmas. Actually only one of the devices, as opposed to both, had a few apps that were, well, less than appropriate for anyone opening the package for the first time – much less a young person such as this young lady in Illinois. One of the apps found right there on the home screen was called “Boobs! Butts! Babes!” and the other was called “Undress Me.”

“She touched it once to switch screens, and all of a sudden something that shouldn’t have been there came up,” Jay Hardin, the father of the family, said, “I actually thought she was kidding me. I walked in there and I looked at the screen of this thing and, sure enough, there were some things on there that should not have been on there for any kid.” – WSIL TV added that he said his daughters did not even have them long enough to connect to the internet.

Walked in there? This seems suspicious. In one sentence he says they didn’t have enough time to connect to the internet, and in the other he says he “walked in there and looked at the screen.” We’re a teeny bit suspicious of this fellows knowledge of how fast kids understand technology and can connect to the internet with a device such as this.

Of course the Coby group responded instantly to the news. Coby Senior Product Manager Michael Paladino said in a written statement: “There is nothing pre-programmed from Coby. Like any other internet device with an open platform, a wide range of content is available which may require parental oversight. Coby is always looking for ways to improve our offerings.”

Steve Jobs apparently could not be reached for comment.

[Via WSIL]

  • We had a similar (albeit less XXX rated) experience with some tablets, and the seller told us that they had been “tested in the factory” and “should have been wiped before shipping”. I’d guess that’s what happened here.

  • Kent

    it was a return that they put back on the shelf

  • jessica

    no no no, they came that way i bought one for my 10 year old, and i got it out of box to charge and set it up, and make sure it worked correct and it had freaking porn in the thing,it is ridiculous! they knew it was there and pinning blame else where! androidz team is where it mostly comes from! this is terrible! what if i would have not checked it out! like most parents at christmas time! you get something with no warning there is is porn in it! my child could have seen it, now what? take it back, and fight with store employees about it!?? it is bs if you ask me!

  • Met

    What does Steve Jobs have to do with this? I really don’t get why that last line is there. :-/