Hello, Android Community readers! As our team is frantically packing and getting ready for CES 2011, you may notice a bit of a slow down with posts. But don’t worry, once CES gets up and running we will be covering the event to its full extent.

The entire SlashGear and AndroidCommunity team will be on the event floor bringing you the latest happenings in all things technology and Android! It’s definitely going to be a busy week so expect an influx in news and some truly revolutionary product reveals as we all take part of one of the biggest tech trade shows of 2011! Be sure to ask us questions as we will try our best to dig for the answers from the developers and manufacturers themselves. We hope you enjoy our extensive coverage as we start off 2011 with a bang!

  • Jason Smedley

    Ask Rohan Shravan at Pixel Qi booth why leaves won’t support apps on his Adam tablet, and if there are plans to implement this feature in the future.

  • Chris Burns

    What do you mean, leaves wont support apps? Leaves are like widgets, developers have to program in leaf functionality to work with them. Right? Or what are you talking about JS?

  • I think someone is missing a bracket in their image source. I have the Adam on pre-order so I’m also waiting for a hands-on.