Browse the Android Market from a PC: Cyrket is back…sort of.

January 29, 2010

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Longer-term Android users will likely remember, a port of the Market that enabled browsing and searching applications in near real-time via a standard website.

Cyrket went down toward the end of October last year without warning or explanation, but a search indicates the site was disabled by Google, which allows direct Market access only from Android handsets.

Although other options exist for checking the market from a web browser, such as and @appdater on Twitter (or accessing the Market via an emulator, a method involving some hackery), Cyrket was a favorite of many users because it was a more-or-less direct port of the Market that updated so quickly.

As of yesterday, Cyrket is back, albeit in a somewhat altered format that allows it to continue acquiring Market information, according to it's Creator, Jay Freeman. A short blurb on the site's front page states, "It is quite up-to-date, much more up-to-date than any similar website, but no longer quite as up-to-date as a device." In addition, Cyrket now appears to access Palm's App Catalog.

[thanks to aritafari]

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