Schools all around the US and the world are starting to use tech to help kids learn. The catch with tech in the classroom is that it can open students up to security issues online, students can get off the path teachers want, and into things they shouldn’t be playing. A company called Brainchild has unveiled a new Android tablet for schools that is called the Kineo.

The big feature of the Kineo is that it is built for security and was designed in cooperation with teachers and school administrators. The tablet is made to be rugged enough to survive school days with kids. It has integrated WiFi and can play video and multimedia files. The screen is 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution, the CPU is a dual-core 800MHz unit, and it has 2GB of storage. The OS is Android 2.1.

The battery inside the tablet has 4500mAh of juice and lasts 10-12 hours. The screen is a touch capable unit rated to handle 500,000 impressions. Kineo is designed to work with the Brianchild Achiever web-based assessment and standards-based instruction program. The tablets can be ordered now with shipment set for March at $299.99 each.

  • Jeff Cameron

    Shane, obviously you get it! There are many companies much more qualified and equipped to provide entertainment-oriented Android tablets. Our only concern is providing a great educational device and we have learned a few things in building handhelds for schools in the past 15 years. We only sell to schools. For home, kids can do anything they want. In schools, the schools should determine what their goals are and focus on them.

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