It looks like the Jelly Bean update process has begun for the AT&T branded Sony Xperia TL smartphone. Unfortunately that bit of good news does come with a catch. The update process has just begun and at the moment we have yet to see any reports of the update arriving over the air. Basically, Jelly Bean is coming for the AT&T Xperia TL, however there is a bit of a hassle to get it updated at the moment.

If you are willing to go with the PC Companion route you can have Jelly Bean now. Specifically, this update will bring you up to Android 4.1.2. Otherwise, it may be a bit easier to try and keep that update excitement in check and simply wait for the over the air update process to begin. We should point out that we have yet to hear anything from AT&T as to when that may happen.

The details for the update are coming by way of the xda-developers user forums and there are some solid reports coming in. One user in particular (hulkdad) has said that his Wi-Fi connection seems more stable, that the keyboard response is a little more fluid and in general, it feels like he has gotten a brand new phone. Needless to say, while the update is hard to resist once you know it is available, remember the over the air update process is generally a bit easier.

Of course, these comments aside, getting Jelly Bean means goodies such as Google Now, the improved notifications and the smoothness that comes along with Project Butter. Some of the other changes noted in regards to this update touch on the camera. Specifically, it was said that the handset now has HDR capability, but does not have any burst mode. So how about it, any AT&T Xperia TL users going to take the leap now, or sit back and wait for the OTA update notification to arrive?

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  • Corey

    It’s so so so hard, but I’m gonna wait for OTA. I’ve waited this long, what’s a few more day’s. Besides I don’t want to go through the hassle of the manual update. I just WANT ME UPDATE!!!

    Great article by the way, thanks for keeping us informed 😉


  • Brandon

    I have checked the Sony PC Companion and still no update 🙁

  • Greg Ward

    I have tried downloading the update via PC Companion and Sony Bridge for Mac with no success. I try twice a day waiting for a different result and am assuming its been pulled or something. At this point, the OTA may be faster.

    Thanks AC for this article. Its the only one out of various searches that addressed the hassle in getting the update and the tip to reset your settings after the update.

  • Bill

    Xperia TL w/ AT&T. PC Companion states my software is up-to-date with ICS. I spoke with AT&T on 03/02. Thay said to update is handled by Sony. Sony stated that I would be receiving notification from AT&T when I would be able to upgrade because they didn’t want to have server issues with people connecting to upgrade.

    So, I continue to wait…

  • Brianr

    Picked up 2 TLs on 2/26/2013. One for me, one for my wife. Love the phones. Had mine connected to PC at work last Friday and the upgrade notification popped up! Upgraded to JB no problems! But, when I tried to update my wife’s phone earlier this week, it disappeared! PC Companion didn’t update and the Sony TL (US) website reverted back to ICS as the latest. What gives? Anyone tried the update?