When it comes to smartphones how big is too big? That is a question that Samsung isn’t worried about, and is pushing the limits with each new smartphone they release. From a 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II, to their brand new Samsung Galaxy MEGA series with huge 5.8 and 6.3-inch displays. Today we’re taking a look at the newly released on AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega.

This smartphone is a phablet, truly, and comes in with a massive 6.3-inch display. The resolution is only 1280 x 720, so the PPI isn’t quite up to par with something like the Galaxy S4, or even the Note II, but it still looks decent. Samsung is offering a device bigger than the Note II but with lower specs for the budget crowd.

Someone that wants a massive display but doesn’t want an S-Pen stylus and an expensive device, this might be worth checking out. Just make sure you have huge hands. Mine aren’t the biggest, but this device is surely pushing the limits on what is realistic. If you ask me. When they have to customize the dialpad, keyboard, and lockscreen to be on half the the screen — left or right side in settings — it’s a sign that you’ve gone too far. This is an option with the Note line, but this MEGA is just, well, MEGA.

Coming in with a 6.3-inch 720p display you’ve got a decent screen with mid-range specs. No quad-core here. Instead we’ve got a new Snapdragon 400 dual-core at 1.7 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM, 8 or 16GB of internal storage, and an 8 megapixel rear camera. It looks exactly like the Galaxy S4, only it’s bigger, much bigger. There’s a 1.9 MP front camera, micro-SD slot, and a 3,200 mAh battery that should last plenty long. We’ll be testing that in our review.

I don’t know. This just seems a bit ridiculous. The phone is truly so big that my wrist hurt after about 15 minutes of usage, but I might need to just get used to it. The power and volume rockers have been realigned a bit lower to make things easier for us too. Thanks Sammy!

We’re enjoying Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean here and you’ll get almost everything the Galaxy S4 and other Samsung devices are enjoying as of late. All the motion controls, smart scroll, smart pause, and camera features are included. This is basically the same version of Android and TouchWiz on the Galaxy S4, only it has a bunch of “one handed” operation settings. Which obviously will come in handy for everyone but NBA basketball players with hands the size of a dinner plate.

We love that Samsung is mixing things up, but this phone is just huge. We’ll have to enjoy it for at least a few more days before we can come up with any sort of judgement on what we think, but so far it’s pretty impressive for what they’re offering. If just a bit big for our taste. As a reminder the MEGA is available as we speak should you not want to wait for our review.

Are you interested in the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy MEGA? Drop us any questions below and we’ll let you know what’s up.

  • 8GB onboard? Good lord, I only have less than 4GB left on my “16GB” S4 with a stock Touchwiz ROM after actually loading usable apps to it and ridding the device of a lot of useless AT&T bloatware, how many MB are left on that thing once you boot it up???

    • There’s also a 16GB version, which I have, and there’s 11.25 GB left

    • Techngro

      I’m satisfied that a 64GB MicroSD card would make all that moot anyway. Nowadays it’s about $50 on Amazon, and it will most likely make it’s way to your next phone as well, so it’s a good investment.

      • A) I have one too
        B) I paid $38 for it during Black Friday
        C) It doesn’t make the point moot unless you switch storage locations every time you switch ROMs using the hack, I’m talking about onboard storage, not where my phone stores the pictures I take…..

      • Techngro

        Yes, I guess it depends on how you use your phone. I don’t worry about what happens when I switch ROMs because I put all of my music, pics, videos, etc. on my external storage anyway, so that never gets affected (unless something goes wrong). And anything that uses internal also usually doesn’t get affected unless I choose to wipe my phone.

        There is a 16GB version, but it seems to be backordered at the only place I saw it (Negri).

      • You’re still not getting what we’re talking about when we’re discussing onboard storage – the stuff the ROM installs on the S4 takes up all but a small amount of space, I’m not talking about what you on with your phone or when you switch ROMs, I’m talking about Touchwiz itself. It’s been a big debate and even talks over class action lawsuits because of bad advertisements over the phone actually being a 16GB phone with a small fraction of that available to use.

  • Dominic Goodspeed

    The Note 3 will be nothing like the Samsung Galaxy Mega. It will be sporting a Quad core, 3GB Ram and other features so rest assured it wont be like this model. This looks like Samsung purchased a large amount of equipment for the Note 3 and decided to go with other options for the Note 3 and designed a quick model to dump the hardware.

    Dominic Goodspeed
    Mr Samsung Galaxy

  • kik

    It look like the mega gave birth to that 5.5 inch Samsung, that phone hella big, that’s a mini computer

  • jw55

    Just got the mega from at&t, doesn’t have a ‘labs’ in browser settings, therefore no ‘quick controls’. Am I just confused or is it forever gone?!!