Apple vs Samsung verdict reached – expect appeals

August 24, 2012

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By now I'm sure you're all aware of the Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuits trials that have been going on for far too long. Today however after 3 days of deliberating we will finally know the fate of both companies. According to CNET a verdict has been reached by the jury, and we are just awaiting the damaging details.

This multi-million, if not billion dollar lawsuit has been going on for weeks and weeks, with both sides presenting their side of the case. We've seen plenty of back and forth but eventually just wanted to wait it out as these lawsuits have been nothing but frustrating for all parties involved. That means Apple, Samsung, the courts, and of course consumers.

There is potentially tons at stake here. From millions if not billions of dollars in settlement fees, to the ban of potentially multiple Samsung smartphones and tablets. The same can be said about Apple as Samsung brought a pretty good case against them too. A Korean court today ruled in neither parties favor, and required them both to pay fines as well as banned multiple devices from both sides in the country.

So far we don't have the actual verdict, as the courts are still sifting through all the details. According to The Verge Samsung has requested an additional 30 minutes to look over the verdict, and the Judge is doing the same. Basically this entire drawn out and ridiculous set of lawsuits is almost over -- only it isn't. No matter what the outcome we will most certainly see an appeal from one side, if not both.

Update: So far Samsung has been found guilty of infringement on multiple levels, for a good 19 different smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 10. Things aren't looking good but we are still waiting to hear all the details.

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    What a crock of SHIT!!! This is a complete fucking joke and mockery of the”justice” system. This was/is a disgusting waste of time and money especially since there are more pressing needs in this country…like the hungry, homeless, and sick people such without health insurance! Fuck crApple – I’ll NEVER BUY AN APPLE PRODUCT AS LONG AS I LIVE!

  • So much for the US justice system. Apple is rich so gets their way.

  • It’s so stupid to see that Apple already making billions from their stupid phones, and yet fighting petty case against Samsung who has outdone them at everything they hold dear. Its stupid and funny at the same time