Apple may be looking to bring iTunes to Android. According to a new report from Billboard, Apple is looking for ways to drive more revenue as sales of media slump. The Cupertino company is also looking to create a music service to rival the likes of Pandora and Spotify, according to the same report.

Apple is also reportedly considering spinning iTunes radio away from iTunes, and into its own app. That service would likely be the Spotify-esque service we’re hearing about, which quite honestly needs a bit of work. The winning strategy for streaming seems to be access to a library in its entirety, not fed via radio station. All Access from the Play Store accomplishes that nicely.

Apple could also be offering incentives to music labels for early release of albums on iTunes. The strategy is believed to be for iTunes to get a record a week ahead of CD launches, with sales of singles not available via iTunes until the CD hits stores. That, again, seems a band-aid solution.

The iTunes library is the gold standard, and one we’d welcome on Android — unless it was in the form of radio. If we’re getting an iTunes radio station, it’s not nearly as appealing a subscription model as an all-access offering. While there are no difinitive plans for iTunes on Android, it’s said to be an attractive model for executives at various labels. More exposure means more revenue — for both Apple and music labels.

The Play Store is available on iOS devices, with the lone caveat being that you can’t purchase music on the Apple devices. You have to go a website or use an Android device to buy a track or album, but that’s a small concession. It also doesn’t matter much for All Access subscribers, which is the play we’d like to see Apple make on Android.

  • Dany

    I am so happy, exited, my life will change thanks to itunes (sarcasm)

  • CRKT

    Why on earth would ANYONE want iTunes in any way/shape or form on a android device or PC?
    If anyone got a sound reason for it let me know (apple diehards does not qualify for this question)

    • Ianto

      Eh the size of it’s music library and the fact that it is pretty much the dominate player in the digital download field even tho that is dying in favour of streaming. That’s the only real reason.

      • steve

        I have never once not been able to find a song on android. Android users definitely don’t need this.

      • Jecht315

        Easier transfer from iOS to Android.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    They can keep that trash. There are just far too many better apps

  • lion7718

    It won ‘t happen, unless they make it work on only 1-2 Android phones…all they know is IOS…a single platform phone.

  • crapple

    LOL is this apples innovation after steve jobs died? (Or tim cook) apple is is the shitter and is running out of ideas. at first I was upset to see itunes coming to android, but then I thought, if apple is dumb enough to waste time n money marketing to smart android users, let them waste their time! We will never buy into it

  • gr227

    I know a lot of iphone users who do not switch to android because they “have” to have itunes. itunes is all they know, if apple does bring it to android it will not be the full app like the iphone or the pc has as I think it may help drive a few people over to Android.

  • Octobersown1993

    I only buy most of my music from apple for my gs3 and outaded iPod touch2g . So this seems unlikely to happen but would be cool if it did.

  • blinnglad321

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