The greatest app EVER MADE has a brand new expansion and at the moment, it’s only in the Android Market! This expansion laughs in the face of iOS iDevice Apple folks who got a Halloween expansion (not available on Android) with not only 25 levels (for the 25 days of Christmas) of holiday snow fun, but what appears to be all the Halloween levels as well – and it’s all free!

Inside the app you’ll find a fun new snowblasted start screen and Play button – inside you’ll find a portal to your everloving holiday levels, all of the Halloween levels, a link to the Angry Birds store to buy some plushies for your honey for the holidays, and links to the original Angry Birds as well as the official Angry Birds newsletter. Hooray! Take a look at the gallery of photos we just took below, then what are you waiting for, get to playing!

NOTE: Each of the 25 Christmas levels is only available on the day it corresponds with. Thus, there’s only one level available today because Christmas is 25 days away. Just like Christmas candy calendars of yore! Cute!

  • Ryan

    Greatest App Ever? Gimme a break. I’m so over hearing about Angry Birds.

    • Chris Burns

      why’d you click then?

  • Todd

    “what’s the deal with angry birds anyway…”

  • MEvo

    Whats the deal with it….it saved my life thats what it did, lol its a good game to pass the time also nice we manage to get it before *pple did.

  • Just fyi, it’s not an Android exclusive. It just takes time for it to get through the App Store acceptance process.

    • Chris Burns

      oh i figured as much – just time to have fun now

  • Ned

    Rovio did it again, new update, new season, new level, can’t wait to get home to play it 🙂
    More screenshots on

  • Cally Davies

    Can’t download from the Market, however got it for free from

  • joe us

    Android… just another iPhone wannabe.

  • Lori

    I’ll gladly suffer with my incredible Droid than deal with a lousy carrier, Joe.