Google has updated their Android Market website to allow any user, with the Android Market installed of course, to push applications for automatic download on their devices. Many rooted devices haven’t had a problem with this feature before the update, but those that owned a NOOK Color, HP TouchPad, or the new Kindle Fire were not recognized before the update.

And why wouldn’t Google want to offer their millions of applications to even more people? They clearly want its users to take advantage of the ability to download applications from their website and push them to their rooted phones and tablets. This update clearly helps both parties, although it still has a few bugs. One of which includes the Android Market constantly requesting to update applications that were not directly installed from the Android Market. I’m sure the kinks will get worked out soon.

Im sure developers are thrilled with this update even more than the average person. For instance, the new Android 4.0 ROM (still in development) for the Nexus S 4G doesn’t auto update applications once moving to it. It’s much easier logging into your account online and selecting your device to quickly push your daily applications back into place; and now this feature will forever be available to everyone.

[via liliputing]

  • koky

    is it just for rooted devices ???
    what about lg optimus one in middle east … does it mean that the market is now available ??
    pls answer very important … thnx in advance 🙂

    • This probably won’t change any of the markets that Android Market isn’t available in.

  • Odd, the website recognized my Kindle Fire since the day it arrived

  • We had the same experience as Pedro with my wife’s Kindle.

  • oo7 Techno Freak

    What website do I go to,to get to the android market.I’ve got a Cruz reader?Ho

  • Jcwolfe1985

    I have a rooted Nook Color, and the only device Google recognizes is my phone, which isn’t an android.  Is there anything I have to do???

  • Mary

    I have a Samsung Fascinate.  For some reason, I am not able to open the Market app that came preinstalled.  It keeps telling me to log into my Google account.  I am logged in.  What should I do?

  • hv

    how to upload a app on android market