Android Market now checks for touchscreen use as Google TV debut nears

January 21, 2011

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Google has added a new filtering option to software submitted to the Android Market, which looks to be a precursor to the download store arriving on Google TV. Developer Al Sutton spotted the change, which checks whether an app requires a touchscreen; that's something you'll find on an Android smartphone, but not on a Google TV device such as Logitech's Revue.

According to the Google TV features page, Android Market access is expected to arrive early in 2011, opening the smart TV platform to a wealth of third-party apps.

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  • Storm14K

    Well we all know the first app that will drop specifically for Google TV. It will be a browser that doesn’t report itself as Google TV lol. What will the networks do to block content then? And honestly it seems like the FCC should step in on blocking content thats freely available on the internet from certain devices. Seems anti-trust laws should cover that.

  • poollong