Android Honeycomb Actually 2.4, Launching in February?

December 17, 2010

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Despite the fact that up until now, it's been a widespread belief that the codenamed Honeycomb update to the Android platform would be a pretty significant one, if these new rumors pan out, that may not be true at all. In fact, the Honeycomb update is now being said to be just Android 2.4, and specifically, Google is looking to hold off that 3.0 update until they've got something huge ready to give out.

The new rumor popped up recently, stemming from a developer that has been working on several different versions of the mobile Operating System. According to this developer, Google wants to make sure that when Android 3.0 hits, it's a significant upgrade, and not a minor one. We're not sure that with all of the changes that Honeycomb has in store for the user (like no physical buttons, and being tablet-centric), we'd necessarily call it a minor update, but it's not up to us.

What may not be as surprising, though, is the timeframe that Google is supposedly looking at launching Honeycomb. According to the rumor, we could see Android 2.4 announced as early as February. That would probably mean we'd get a bit more of an official look at Motorola's Honeycomb-powered tablet, as well as other devices running the newest version of the OS. If 2.4 is Honeycomb, then Ice Cream could indeed be 3.0.

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  • Wandile Tembe

    I’m praying that android 2.3 will work with my Samsung GT-I9000. And now I’m thinking what will 2.4 bring us?

  • docdavidbanner

    If this is true and 2.4 comes out in February, then where in the heck is Gingerbread?

    To be honest, why not just package Gingerbread and Honeycomb together as one? These updates are running into each other too quickly.

  • so if this is true then most people will never see gingerbread, why would manufacturers spend the resources getting gingerbread on their devices when Honeycomb is released only 2 months later.

    which also means most devices will just have to wait even longer for the next update.

  • kc

    “We’re not sure that with all of the changes that Honeycomb has in store for the user (like no physical buttons, and being tablet-centric), we’d necessarily call it a minor update”
    Wat besides the two things mentioned above have been said to be released? I wouldn’t consider this a drastic change

  • Honestly, I think gingerbread will be seen by many phones and they’ll gloss over honeycomb. Honeycomb might hit a bunch of tablets, but not phones… a bit more fragmentation, but whatever!

  • AkShiz

    Wow, why not just scrap GB and go straight to HC? It’s ridiculous. We need some order around here. Can’t just be releasing things all willy milly. Lets perfect these updates and get them rolled out every year at the same time Apple does with it’s iphone. It’s like waiting for the EVO successor that hasn’t quite landed, and then hearing about the successor to the not yet released one. Ludicrous.

    • Me

      Apple releases updates for iphone/pod on almost a monthly basis.