Most of us already set with Android, but just in case you’ve been lured by Windows Phone 8’s touch-friendly live tiles, you can now have the best of both worlds. Say hello to WP8 Launcher, which adds a Windows 8-style user interface to your Android phone. This means that you don’t have to ditch your Android device and buy an all new Windows Phone 8 device to just to use that WP8 user interface.

There doesn’t seem to be many differences between WP7 Launcher and WP8 Launcher, but this new version offers more customization options when it comes to the size and color of the tiles. WP8 Launcher was discovered by Lifehacker reader Dave, who said he had been on the lookout for a launcher that brings the UI of Windows Phone to the open platform that is Android. The image you see above is his personal home screen.

As you can see, he made the tiles for Chrome, Facebook, and Gallery larger than the rest, as those are the apps he uses most. As an added bonus, with WP8 Launcher you can mount any widget to a live tile, with Dave putting things like Alarm Clock Plus and Simple Calendar Widget right there on his home screen. He also used 1Tap Quick Bar to make the non-app tiles you see in the picture.

It’s a handy little launcher if you happen to like the Windows Phone 8 UI, but Dave says that it’s still in beta so there may certainly be some bugs that need to be ironed out. It’s also gone missing from the Google Play Store, but those who are interested can download the APK from the XDA Developers Forum. What do you think? Are you going to install WP8 Launcher on your Android device, or are you good with what you’ve got for now?

  • alexis

    I hate to say it, but not a good app. I just installed it, tried to add/modify some shortcuts
    and the app stops responding every single time and one time when the
    phone rebooted. With the built-in icons there’s a delay of about 5
    seconds between closing the app and returning to the home screen. Love
    the look of it when it’s not in use, but it’s a launcher so that’s not
    the intended use. It just lasted about 15 minutes installed.

  • WP is more than just a start screen, it’s unified user interface between apps, smooth ui, deep os integration, etc.

    It’s like a cheap chinese knockoff

  • my wp suckzzzzz no apps and no games…

    Forced to IE and it closed down all time, Its a joke.

  • fredphoesh

    the integration is skin deep… not wp8 at all.

  • Bob

    It is no surprise that it has been removed from the Google Play store. The app is far from being complete or useful. It is a nice design study of a developer. Therefore it is whacky and not tested against on any other phone than the one the developers have.