Google themselves have just announced that Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is rolling out for the international (HPSA+) Samsung Galaxy Nexus starting today. Right now the update is rolling out as we speak and as long as you don't have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, you can enjoy the latest and greatest from Google.

The update has already arrived on our Nexus 7 tablet a matter of minutes ago, but we are still waiting for it to arrive on our Google IO edition Galaxy Nexus phones. While we wait you can rest assured that Google themselves announced the update was rolling out today only a few minutes ago over on Google+.

This should also be arriving for all the Galaxy Nexus phones sold through the Google Play store over the past month or so, not just the original international model. Google mentions next on the list is "all Galaxy Nexus devices" so hopefully Verizon is up next. Then the Nexus S followed by the Motorola XOOM. We'll be sure to update once we hear any additional details but for now you should probably head to settings > about phone > check for updates and enjoy the awesome new Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with Google Now. For more information about both check out our review and videos below, or head to our Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Portal.

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  • Is this just in the US?

    • Should be international as it is for all HSPA+/GSM Galaxy Nexus phones

      • cade butler

        Is Google now handling all updates ? I’m in Australia & our nexus updates go through our carrier first . We are still on 4.01 🙁

      • Still on 4.01 eww. Should at least be 4.0.3 by now. Hopefully you get it soon. Otherwise root that baby and flash some Jelly Bean buddy

      • cade butler

        Will do soon a Nexus to do otherwise though . Dissapointed !!

      • lol a lot of people get a Nexus so they can hack. I guess it goes both ways.

      • Nice 1 cheers!

      • This wouldn’t be flashable to a Vodafone UK device would it effectively GEDifying like we all did our none US Xooms.

  • Aaron Klapheck

    I wish I could use this operating system now. I have Verizon and will have to wait.

    • Hopefully not too long. Most of the delay with 4.0.4 was caused by the updated radios. If the radios aren’t updated this time, it could come quicker.

    • I’ve been running Android 4.1 JB on my Verizon GNex for 2 weeks. Check out XDA for a few good ROMS. They run flawless

    • Jon Gee

      I’m giving Verizon a week. Then I’m updating my Nexus manually.

  • Alan

    I wouldn’t hold your breath with Verizon.

  • blowme

    verizon sucks i wish i had unlimited with ATT

  • bob

    Why wait for Verizon I’ve had JB since June 30th

  • Guest

    Anyone got the update already from Google? Just curious 🙂

  • denis bilali

    I just got update 4.1 its amazing. Its really fast. Galaxy nexus.
    Denis SLOVENIA

    • Michael

      Some tip to push the OTA Faster?

      • denis bilali

        On this ota u can’t do anything… just wait

  • Marc

    When will Sprint Galaxy Nexus get the update?

  • xaero

    Just got the update. Can’t say I love new grey-cyan interface over old cyan. But it works. May be even a bit faster.
    Also animation has changed itself, not only “buttering” was done here. 7/10

  • I’m really hoping the Verizon Gnex gets updated soon. I’m getting more and more irritated with their practices, and I’m looking forward to the day I can move away from their phones and service.

  • I got the update on early Saturday morning and I am loving it – only had one app that I don’t use often that isn’t compatible yet, and flash works fine on it.

  • mad

    ive been spamming the update button for 3 days now.
    still no update

  • now

    neeed that update!!!!

  • shahul hameed

    if check for updates not showing 4.1 update for G-nex wat cud be the reason???