Android 2.2 Froyo Now Available On Archos Array of Internet Tablets

November 30, 2010

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The Archos series of internet tablets (Archos 28/32/43/70/101) has just received the 2.2 update that we have been expecting for quite a while. Bringing in an array of new features that Froyo users have grown to love, the tablets are now not only faster and better, but more reliable as well.

Some of the improvements to the family of tablets inlcudes faster USB write transfer, JIT compiler -resulting in up to 5 times faster performance of applications, and enhanced Microsoft Exchange support.

The full list of improvements from the change log is as follows:

  • Higher performance: just in time compiler (JIT) technology makes applications run up to 5 times faster than previous Android "Eclair" 2.1 firmwares
  • Enhanced Microsoft Exchange support: it is now possible to synchronize contacts and calendar events
  • Allow to install more 3rd party applications by installing them on the storage memory (for applications that supports it)
  • Video: movie information and cover retrieval in video file info dialog
  • Multiple selection mode is now always enabled in the file manager
  • External bluetooth GPS receivers are now supported
  • Better assistance is provided in the tethering wizard to pair with cell phone using bluetooth DUN profile (smart APN detection)
  • OpenVPN is now supported
  • Slideshow support for network shares has been added to Gallery and Photoframe applications
  • Photoframe: full screen picture can now be displayed on double tap when in floating image mode
  • Manual white balance setting has been added in Camera application
  • Faster USB write transfer
  • Battery: more accurate battery charge estimation
  • Audio: improved compatibility with android audio stream volume management (voice/music/ringtone etc.)
  • Orientation: fixed compatibility issue with some applications working with inverted accelerometer axis

Any users of the the array of Archos Internet Tablets? How did the update go and how is it performing?

[Via Archos]

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  • Derek

    When did this 2.2 happen, I just bought my archos yesterday which was not shipped with 2.2. but 2.1, even though it says 2.2 on the box and in the promotional material (which was why I bought it, in particular for Adobe Flash 10.1 support), but it still cannot play swf files or even you tube movies.
    I just tried the firmware update and it says I am already up to date (with the 2.1).

  • al

    so did mine. i loaded the aos file manually from archos support. if you have 2.1 stay with it for a while. i lost youtube and the ‘eclaire’ app that gives all the google market is useless. so all i have is a paperweight. im returning mine tomorrow. im tired of expecting something and getting less than i had.

  • pjbouch

    I just got my 7o a couple of hours ago. Reboot and try to update again right from the settings menu. It worked for me and working great. As for the Youtube, you need to install the flash 10.1. It’s available all over these sites. I had to install and uninstall the flash twice before it started working correctly. Hope this helps.

  • hgushee

    to Derek: current method to update to Froyo is d/l to computer and sideload

    to Al: of course you will lose all the add-ins you’ve done when you migrate to the new o/s, should be no surprise. You can get it all back by following Google Market instructions for Archos hack available today on the web. A lot of people will be happy to take that paperweight off your hands if you can’t handle it. Maybe an iPod touch for you…